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What is referred to as pigmentation?

Melanin is the pigment that gives hair, skin, mucous membranes, and the retina of the eye their various hues. People with low melanin deposits have pale skin, whereas those with high melanin deposits have darker complexion.

The major signs that might indicate pigmentation disorders are:

The significant causative factors that might lead to pigmentation disorders:

Both internal and external causes might be responsible for increased synthesis of melanin and contribute to pigmentary disorders of the skin. To discover the exact cause, it is recommended to get aid from a dermatologist.

Here are some of the common factors affecting skin pigmentation.

The diagnostic procedures that might be recommended to identify the disorder:

Physical examination:

Hyperpigmentation can be diagnosed and treated by a dermatologist.

By some of the following means:

  • Proper chemical examination
  • Using others like Wood’s lamp or other specialized light source.
  • Skin biopsy.

Best treatment for skin pigmentation options involve:

Topical creams: Over the counter (OTC) lightening creams include specific chemicals that work to reduce pigmentation. For some of these lotions, a doctor's prescription is required. To lighten the skin over time, they are usually applied once or twice a day.

Chemical peel: A chemical peel uses chemicals to target specific areas of the skin for pigmentation removal treatment. Exfoliation of the superficial layer of skin improves the hyperpigmentation.

Laser skin peel: For hyperpigmentation, laser therapy can also be used, According to the skin condition dermatologist will suggest which type of laser is suitable and the duration of therapy..

FAQ Questions? Answered!

Hyperpigmentation can appear as brown, black, grey, red, or pink spots over skin. Age spots, sun spots, or liver spots are some of the names given to these spots. Spots might appear in a single location or all over the body.
As the name implies, they are more common among adults over the age of 40. Melanin, the pigment that gives our skin its colour, is responsible for their appearance.
It is important to note that not all causes of birthmarks are harmful and may not need to be treated. It is possible that some, such as skin cancer and cyanosis, require urgent care. If any new discoloured areas of skin form or if existing moles change in any way, you should consult a doctor immediately to undergo dermatology treatment for pigmentation.
The cheeks, nose, and forehead are common sites for pigmentation patches to appear, so keeping an eye out for them is a good idea. A pigmented patch can begin with any sort of discoloration or unevenness in the skin.
It may take some time for the dark spots or patches to fade after the source of the problem has been identified and stopped. Within six to twelve months, an area that is a few shades deeper than your natural skin tone will often vanish. However, it may take years for the pigment to fade if it is buried deep under your skin.
Consult with a dermatologist to assess your specific skin condition and determine the most suitable treatment plan. The pigmentation treatment cost depends treatment preferred and the number of sessions required.

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