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Patients who witness these hallmark symptoms of vitiligo must seek immediate treatment

treatment For losing color in patches - Sri Ramakrishna Hospital

When your skin starts losing
color in patches, usually on the
face, arms, legs, hands,
feet, lips, palms and soles

treatment For Loss of color in tissues - Sri Ramakrishna Hospital

Loss of color in tissues inside the nose

vitiligo symptom Premature greying of hair - Sri Ramakrishna Hospital

Premature greying of hair,
including facial hair, eyebrows
and eyelashes

vitiligo symptom Premature greying of hair - Sri Ramakrishna Hospital

Thyroid issues

vitiligo symptom Premature greying of hair - Sri Ramakrishna Hospital

Changes in color of the eyelids

What are the diagnostic procedures offered as a part of leucoderma treatment in Coimbatore?

Our vitiligo specialists often diagnose vitiligo after physical examination and knowing the patient’s medical history. If they require more information, they may suggest

Skin Biopsy treatment - Sri Ramakrishna Hospital

Skin Biopsy

It is done to identify missing melanocytes, which indicates vitiligo. In rare cases, a type of skin cancer may also lead to white patches which can be ruled out with a biopsy.

Blood Test For vitiligo - Sri Ramakrishna Hospital

Blood Test

The vitiligo specialist may recommend you to get a blood test to check for any autoimmune response in relation to vitiligo.

What are the vitiligo treatment options available at Sri Ramakrishna Hospital?

Treatment of Leucoderma, also known as Vitiligo, is aimed at creating a uniform skin tone.This is done either by restoring the color or removing the remaining color.

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Questions? Answered!

Vitiligo is a skin condition where the patient develops white spots or patch on their skin. This happens due to the absence of melanocytes, the skin cells that produce pigment.

Vitiligo can be caused due to various factors – both environmental and genetic. It may be caused due to illness, trauma, stress, sunburn or due to autoimmune disorders as well.

If you develop white patches anywhere on your body, consult your dermatologist who will conduct a physical examination and confirm the diagnosis. He or she will ask you a number of questions about the condition, symptoms as well as your medical history.

Vitiligo is not dangerous. The only symptom you will see is white patches on your skin. However, it may bring with it various social and emotional side effects. If you are looking for vitiligo treatment in Coimbatore, get in touch with us at Sri Ramakrishna Hospital.

The length of treatment varies from person to person depending on the type and severity of vitiligo. You will need to allow a minimum of 3 to 6 months before you see any visible results. You may expect some sort of satisfactory results after 12-18 months.

Vitiligo treatment cost differs based on the patient's severity, the therapy chosen, and the specialist's expertise. Sometimes surgeries are also recommended.

The good news is that not all white patches indicate vitiligo. Few patches may be due to depigmentation thatis caused by several factors. Seeking medical consultation helps diagnose vitiligo effectively.

Vitiligo is a skin condition that affects the melanin cells which makes the skin to lose the color. So vitiligo develops in the body it starts as a small pale patch and further skin patches develop.

Unfortunately vitiligo is an autoimmune condition and complete cure from vitiligo maay not be possible. Although with certain vitiligo treatments in Coimbatore the patches can recover and at times the vitiligo patches go away on their own.

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