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What is microsurgery for the spine?

Lumbar disc microsurgery, also known as microdiscectomy, is a procedure that involves removing a portion of a damaged disc using an operating microscope. Lumbar micro discectomy was first introduced in Coimbatore at Sri Ramakrishna Hospital in 1994.

Signs you need a microsurgery spine:

Herniated disc surgery can be recommended due to various reasons, the most common being when prescribed medications and home remedies like rest and ice packs do not seem to bring relief. Apart from these, surgery is recommended when a patient has

Severe pain

Tingling sensation in legs or back

Reduced sensation in the legs

Weakness of legs

Urinary symptoms

As with any surgery, your lumbar spine specialist will likely only offer this minimally invasive operation after you've exhausted other options for treating your sciatica or radiculopathy, such as medicine and physical therapy.

Benefits of undergoing Spine Microsurgery :

  • Tiny skin incisions produce better cosmetic outcomes (sometimes as small as several millimeters)
  • Less blood is lost after surgery.
  • Less or no muscle cutting is required, hence damage to the muscles is less likely to occur.
  • Reduced surgical pain, infection risk, and reduced scarring are all benefits of this procedure.
  • Recovering from surgery takes less time and requires less effort than recovering from other types of surgical procedures.
  • Pain medication dependence is reduced following surgery.

Diagnosis before the surgery:

Your doctor will examine your back for tenderness during the physical exam. A physical exam and a medical history are usually done. Your doctor may request one or more of the following tests to confirm if he or she suspects another condition or wants to know which nerves are impacted.

MRI Scan:

Images of the body's internal structures are created using radio waves and a strong magnetic field. This test can be performed to confirm the herniated disc's location and determine which nerves are impacted.


A clinician inserts a needle electrode into several muscles through the skin during an EMG. The electrical activity of muscles is measured both while they are contracted and when they are at rest in this test. This may be done in some circumstances in case of doubt.

Lower back pain treatment options include the following

Microdiscectomy :

Lumbar disc microsurgery, also known as microdiscectomy, is a procedure that involves removing a portion of a damaged disc in the lumbar spine. This spinal cord surgery is used when treatments such as rest, heat, ice, physical therapy, and medicine have failed to alleviate severe symptoms.

The goal of lumbar spine treatment is to relieve symptoms in the low back and lower extremities such as weakness, numbness, and discomfort. .

Micro-lumbar laminotomy :

The lamina, a little section of bone found in the vertebra, may also need to be removed by your physician during the procedure. The lamina is a protective layer that surrounds your spinal cord. The surgeon can get to your herniated disc by removing part or all of it. It can also reduce nerve strain and relieve leg pain and sciatica.

  • Laminotomy is a procedure that partially removes portions of the lamina
  • Laminectomy is the surgical removal of entire portions of the lamina.

Micro spinal Fusion:

To make your spine more stable after a discectomy or laminotomy, your surgeon may fuse the two vertebrae on either side of the disc together. This is referred to as spinal fusion surgery. The bones will be unable to move once the two discs are fused, and you will be free of pain.

FAQ Questions? Answered!

Spinal fusion is a surgical treatment that permanently joins two or more bones in your spine. In comparison to typical spinal fusion surgery, micro spinal fusion employs a smaller cut (incision).

The success rate for microdiscectomy spine surgery is generally high, with a medical study finding that 84 percent of those who get the treatment have outstanding results overall.

Start with self-care to get things flowing as quickly as possible. Rest, medication, and sleep should all be prioritized. Exercise and physical therapy can help with recovery after that. A complete recovery following a microdiscectomy takes roughly 12 weeks.

You could expect your back to be tight and unpleasant following surgery. In the weeks following your surgery, you may find it difficult to sit or stand in one position for lengthy amounts of time, and you may require pain medication. Returning to simple activities, such as light housework, may take 4 to 6 weeks.

If you have difficulty standing or walking due to nerve weakening, your doctor may consider a discectomy. Your symptoms do not improve after six to twelve weeks of conservative treatment, such as physical therapy or steroid injections, your symptoms do not improve. The pain in your buttocks, legs, arms, or chest becomes unbearable to bear.

The approximate Spine surgery cost range may differ based on various factors such as diagnosis, the type of spine surgery procedure, and the surgeon.

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Our highly experienced spine specialists have immense experience in providing the best spine microsurgery in Coimbatore.

Dr. R. Murali is a Sr. Consultant Neuro Surgeon of the Department of Neurosurgery at Sri Ramakrishna Hospital. He has over 32 years of experience and has an expertise in skull base endoscopic surgery with extended skull base approaches, and cerebrovascular surgical skills.

MBBS., M.Ch Sr.Consultant Neuro Surgeon & HOD - Neuro Surgery

Dr. Vikram is a Consultant Neuro Surgeon of the Department of Neurosurgery at Sri Ramakrishna Hospital. He has over 17 years of experience and has an expertise in Microneuro Surgery, Paediatric Neurosurgery, Aneurysm Surgery, and Microsurgery for tumors.

M.B.B.S DNB (Neuro Surgery), MBA(HA) Sr. Consultant Neuro Surgeon & HOD - Minimally Invasive Brain & Spine Surgeon

Dr. R. Venkatesh is a Visiting Consultant of the Department of Neurosurgery at Sri Ramakrishna Hospital. He has over 15 years of experience and has an expertise in Skull base, Vascular spain surgery, Paediatric Neurosurgery and Interventional Neurovascular surgery.

MS, M.Ch(Neuro), Visiting Consultant

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