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What is Migraine headache?

A migraine is a worsened form of headache, that usually begins with a mild pain and gradually intensifies over time. Variation in intensity of pain differs from person to person. It usually causes throbbing pain accompanied by nausea and vomiting. People with migraine are sensitive to light, and the pain may last for four to six hours.

How can one identify migraine and what is the diagnosis process?

The most common symptom of a migraine is headache, though it seems to be slightly different from regular headaches, it can cause throbbing pain in your head. If tension headache treatment is not recieved at the right time the pain can intensity and become extreme. Few people can also experience pain in their eyes and sinus area. The diagnosis steps involved for migraine:

Your headache doctor may ask about ones’ history of headaches, or injury that occured.

Sequence of the headache is also questioned by the top migraine specialist.

The lifestyle routine is also taken a note of.

Apart from these, examination of blood samples is also recommended.

Imaging tests like MRI scan or CT scan is performed to identify any seizures.

What involves in the best treatment for migraine?

Migraine or tension headaches are not curable but they can be either managed or prevented.Migraine is usually managed through medications and it helps in relieving the pain.

Pain Killers: Over the counter medications like ibuprofen and aspirin are recommend by the specialists to control the pain. Also ensure to consume only with prescription and avoid taking them a lot as they can rebound and cause severe headache.

Nausea: In case of migraines associated with nausea and vomiting the doctors prescribe drugs to cease the sensation.

  • When the migraine headache is not getting controlled by routine medication, prescribed injection treatment may give long lasting headache relief
  • One can also try sitting in a quiet place and a dark room as people with migraine are sensitive to light and this can trigger severe migraine.
  • Try and get some sleep once the signs for migraine starts to show up.
  • Understand the pattern of the migraine and know what activity is triggering the onset of migraine, so it can be helpful in preventing them.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Migraine can have various reasons, the factors causing migraine are entirely different in men and women. Mostly hormonal imbalance, lifestyle routine, consumption of alcohol, intake of excess caffeine, stress, and change in sleeping pattern can trigger the migraine.

The four stages of migraine are prodrome, aura, attack, and post-drome. A migraine begins with prodrome and ends with post-drome. Each stage has different variations and symptoms.

Risk factors for migraine include family genes as there are high chances of inheriting them, though migraines can begin at any given point usually people nearing the age of 30 are at high risks, women are at high risk of getting affected by migraines.

A migraine is a worsened form of headache, that usually begins with a mild pain and gradually intensifies over time. Variation in intensity of pain differs from person to person. It usually causes throbbing pain accompanied by nausea and vomiting.

Migraines usually do not cause any long lasting harm, but they can cause extreme pain and can interrupt your life activity. Reach out to a headache specialist in coimbatore to get the right treatment.

Consult with the neurologist to get the accurate estimation of migraine treatment cost in Coimbatore.

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