Vertigo - What is it defined as?

Vertigo or Balance disorder is a term that refers to a symptom rather than a condition. Some people may say “gare” instead of dizziness or vertigo. Vertigo is a feeling of spinning or moving of the environment around you. At times it can go without notice. In few people even the simplest actions can make them experience extreme vertigo. It can affect your balance and can make your daily activities difficult. Feeling dizzy and experiencing vertigo are both different.

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What are the major types of Vertigo?

Vertigo has two major types, they include:

What are the common signs and symptoms of Vertigo?

As previously mentioned vertigo itself is a symptom. The most common signs that can be associated with vertigo other than the spinning or moving of the world around you include:

Reach out to the vertigo treatment in Coimbatore, in case you are experiencing any of the mentioned signs.

Vertigo - What might be the possible causes?

Vertigo can be caused due to various reasons or conditions. But most commonly vertigo is caused when there are problems in the inner ear. Few other causes of vertigo include:

When should you seek immediate help for Vertigo?

As the signs begin to show it is important to seek immediate help. As vertigo can cause spinning of the surroundings and it can majorly affect the daily activities. But reach out to immediate medical help, if you have symptoms like:

  • Vision problems

  • Severe headaches

  • Fever

  • Trouble speaking

  • Abnormal eye movements, weakness

  • Lack of balance 

  • Trouble in walking 

If you notice these signs it is important to seek immediate help from vertigo hospital as it may be caused due to an underlying condition and treatment for the condition.

What are the various diagnostic options for Vertigo?

Vertigo can be identified with a certain set of tests. The most commonly performed tests for vertigo include:

Physical examination

Tunic fork test

Head impulse test

Romberg’s test

Vestibular test battery

Other test include:

MRI Brain


What are the common treatment options of Vertigo?

Depending on the underlying cause, treatment of vestibular disorders can be accordingly recommended. Few of the common vertigo treatment approaches can include:


Questions ? Answered !

Is vertigo a serious illness?

Generally vertigo is not a major illness. But when the condition worsens it can highly interfere with regular day activities. With the right treatment the vertigo illness can be managed efficiently.

Can vertigo be cured?

Over time, some vertigo episodes resolve on their own. But for certain people, especially those who have Ménière's disease, recurring bouts might last for several months or even years. There are specific treatments available for some causes of vertigo.

Can stress worsen vertigo?

Even though an inner ear disorder usually causes vertigo, stress and anxiety can exacerbate the disease. Future vertigo episodes may also become more frequent if there is ongoing tension or worry. The best technique to regain your feeling of balance in cases of stress-related vertigo is to employ both physical and mental strategies.

How long can a vertigo episode last for?

An episode of vertigo might persist for a few seconds or for hours. Severe vertigo can linger for several days or even months.

Can vertigo be genetically passed?

Although vertigo is not always inherited, it may be a sign of a number of genetic syndromes and diseases. As a result, a doctor may inquire about a patient's family's medical history.

What is the average cost of vertigo treatment in Coimbatore?

The cost of vertigo treatment in Coimbatore varies based on the underlying cause of the vertigo, the precise diagnostic tests that are required, and the treatment strategy indicated by healthcare specialists.

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