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Becoming parents is something that everyone dreams of; when the little one comes into the world, all the trouble and pain seem to fade away. The birth of a child gives purpose to the lives of parents and keeps the family together. It brings new responsibilities into life. Although not all of them can get pregnant naturally, a few couples may need help. Thanks to medical advancements, couples can get pregnant and bring their little bundle of joy into the world.

In vitro fertilization and how it helps couples get pregnant:

In vitro fertilization is the process of fertilization where the egg and sperm are combined in the laboratory and later transferred directly into the woman's uterus. This fertilization process involves steps like egg retrieval, sperm collection, and many more.

In vitro fertilization is considered the most effective reproductive procedure to date. This procedure can be performed with the couple's egg and sperm, and it can also be performed using a donor egg and sperm.

Why can IVF be recommended to couples?

IVF can be recommended for different reasons, especially in infertile males or females or if the couple is facing any genetic problems. If the female partner is over 40, IVF is ideal for trying to conceive. A few other reasons can include:

Fallopian tube blockage
Fallopian tube blockage
Unexplained infertility
Unexplained infertility
Sperm dysfunction
Sperm dysfunction
Genetic illnesses
Genetic illnesses
IVF has a comprehensive set of procedures to complete one cycle of IVF. Each step is important to complete the journey of IVF. IVF infertility specialists will support you throughout the procedure and help you bring your baby into the world.
What procedures are involved in a cycle of IVF?
Ovulation induction:
At the beginning of an IVF cycle, synthetic hormones are used to get the ovaries to make more than one egg instead of the one egg that usually forms each month. There must be more than one egg as only some eggs will get fertilized or grow normally after being fertilized.
The retrieval of eggs:
After the ovulation induction, egg retrieval takes place after 36 hours. In this procedure, anaesthesia is involved, and an ultrasound is also used in the retrieval process to view the follicles and make the procedure easy. The retrieval is generally performed through needle suction and is usually performed within 20 minutes.
Sperm retrieval:
If you use your partner's sperm, you'll need to provide the sample on the day you get your eggs. Sometimes, other methods are needed, like testicular aspiration, which uses a needle or a surgical procedure to take sperm cells from the testicle. Donor sperm can also be used. In the lab, the sperm are kept separate from the fluid in the sperm.
Next, the sperm specimen is washed and concentrated. About four hours after the eggs are taken out, the sperm is added to the eggs. The sperm and eggs are put in an incubator overnight, and the next day, the eggs are checked for signs that they have become fertilized. Most of the time, 60 to 70% of eggs will get fertilized if the sample of sperm looks normal after the eggs have been fertilized and kept for another 48 hours in the incubator.
Embryo transfer:
Between two and five days after the egg is taken out, the embryo is moved. The chosen embryo is put into a thin plastic catheter, a soft tube. The catheter is put through the cervix, into the uterus, and gently let go. The process itself doesn't hurt and only takes a few minutes. Usually, only one fertilized egg is transferred, but sometimes two are. This will depend on your situation and the quality of the embryos.
Pregnancy Test:
After about 14 days after the embryo transfer, you should get a blood test to see if you are pregnant. And will be further advised based on the result of the pregnancy test.
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Why choose Sri Ramakrishna Hospital for your IVF journey?

As a result of their inability to conceive, infertile couples often face one of the most traumatic situations they've ever faced as a family. Because you are important to us, we strive to provide excellent service and successful outcomes. Sri Ramakrishna Hospital offers the best IVF doctor to help your dreams come true.

Sri Ramakrishna Hospital has established procedures and principles to ensure your treatment goes smoothly, regardless of language barriers. Here at Sri Ramakrishna Hospital, we want to ensure you have a pleasant experience while you're here for fertility treatment. We offer the best IVF cost to make IVF accessible to everyone.

Sri Ramakrishna Hospital is the place to go for overseas couples struggling with infertility.
Sri Ramakrishna Hospital is with YOU in each step of your IVF journey!
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Infertility treatments are considered sensitive matters, and as experts, we know what kind of care and pace is needed to help you reach your goal of becoming a parent. Our panel comprises top IVF Specialists, Embryologists, Andrologists, Counselors, and Lab Technicians who know how to find out why a couple can't get pregnant.
Sri Ramakrishna Hospital's name has been a symbol of good health care for over four decades. With a history of almost no complications, cutting-edge technology, and closely watched clinical protocols, Sri Ramakrishna Hospital has the skills and technology to improve your chances of getting pregnant.
Few of the advanced infertility procedures offered by Sri Ramakrishna Hospital,
You're just a few steps away from making your dream a reality!
Testicular sperm aspiration (TESA):
Testicular sperm aspiration may be a way to determine if a man has azoospermia or to get sperm out of his testicles. This is performed when there could be trouble ejaculating or when there is a blockage.
Testicular sperm extraction (TESE):
When there is a block in the epididymis, sperm extraction from the testes (TESE) is recommended. This is an area close to or even within the testicular ducts. The block could be from birth, an infection, or even surgery that was done in the past. It is also advised for individuals whose sperm production is very low. So low that perhaps the ejaculate can't reach them.
Percutaneous Epididymal Sperm Aspiration (PESA):
Percutaneous Epididymal Sperm Aspiration (PESA) is a process for men who have had a vasectomy or have a blockage in their genital tract that was there from birth or was caused by something else. One of these is when the vas deferens is not there.
Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI):
Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) is a technique called "micromanipulation" that helps couples with trouble getting pregnant. Most of the time, it's for couples with "severe male factor infertility" or who had tried IVF before and failed (IVF).
The Accessibility of IVF in Sri Ramakrishna Hospital for International Patients:
Affordable IVF cost In India
India’s Most Affordable IVF Treatment
Sri Ramakrishna Hospital is the pioneer of modern healthcare. With latest technology and recent advancements, the experts at the hospital ensure the people seeking healthcare are provided with the best. With affordable treatment, Sri Ramakrishna Hospital has made revolutionary healthcare accessible to every person not only in the city but also overseas. Sri Ramakrishna Hospital's complete IVF procedure costs about Rs 70,000 to 1,25,000 rs.
Best IVF Hospital in India
Why should you choose Sri Ramakrishna Hospital rather than other hospitals?
With over four decades of experience, the IVF specialists at Sri Ramakrishna Hospital offer various state-of-the facilities. Compared to other hospitals in India, Sri Ramakrishna Hospital offers modern IVF techniques at the best possible price. Along with that Sri Ramakrishna Hospital also offers IVF treatment for everyone who seeks.
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The success rate of IVF Treatment in Sri Ramakrishna Hospital:
IVF treatment involves various series of complex procedures, to make one cycle of IVF successful there are various factors involved. The best IVF doctors in Sri Ramakrishna Hospital are well-experienced offering 80% IVF success rate.
What makes IVF a unique experience for international patients at Sri Ramakrishna Hospital?
Although there are various potential benefits of IVF procedures, at Sri Ramakrishna Hospital you have the privilege of:
Affordable Cost
Affordable Cost
In many countries, IVF treatment can be very expensive, but at Sri Ramakrishna Hospital, you can get high-quality care at a lower price. This can make IVF accessible to a wider range of people.
Affordable Cost
Well-experienced doctors
At Sri Ramakrishna Hospital, there is a team of doctors who are experts in treating fertility. They have been trained in the most recent IVF techniques and technologies and have a lot of experience helping couples get pregnant.
Affordable Cost
Ethical treatment
When treating fertility, the hospital follows strict ethical rules. This makes sure that all patients get the best care possible and are treated with dignity and respect.
Affordable Cost
Multilingual staff
The staff at Sri Ramakrishna Hospital speaks English, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, and Hindi, among other languages. This makes it easier for international patients to talk to the staff and get the care they need.
Affordable Cost
Tourist Destination
India is a popular place for tourists to visit because there are so many things to see and do there. People from other countries can get IVF treatment and take a vacation in this beautiful part of India.
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IVF is a procedure that involves different procedures. Sri Ramakrishna Hospital offers the best IVF treatment procedures at the lowest rate possible. The complete IVF procedure can cost between ₹75,000 to ₹1,25,000. excluding the travel charges. 

India has been named the best place to go for medical tourism. Some of the best IVF centers in India have world-class technology, highly qualified and experienced doctors, and the most up-to-date infrastructure. This means that people from all over the world can get high-quality and affordable IVF treatment in India. 

IVF treatment is a procedure that has a series of tests. On average one IVF cycle takes about 28 to 30 days. Not all couples can get pregnant in one cycle of IVF. At times two or more cycles may be required. Speak to your IVF specialist to know better about the duration of the stay. 

India has the best IVF specialists who are well-experienced and provide the most advanced IVF treatments not only for the people in India but also for international patients. India offers an 80% IVF success rate which is much higher when compared to other countries.  

Once the details are filled in, our medical coordinator gets in touch with you and provides you with the complete details. The coordinator helps you with the travel arrangements and visa procedure ensuring you have a smooth and hassle-free experience. 
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