The Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission is a government initiative launched by the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi. This mission enables the government to improve the efficiency of the digital medical and healthcare of the country. The main aim of ABDM is to provide affordability, quality, and accessibility of various medical services in the country through digital options. This is currently run by the National Health Authority (NHA). ABDM was previously referred to as Health ID or Health ID card.

How does ABDM work?

When an individual creates an account through Ayushman Bharat Health Account, to obtain the Health ID, the person needs to register using their Aadhar card details. After registering a unique 14 digit number will be generated. This unique ID will have access to all the healthcare related information from lab reports to prescriptions all under one unique ID.

What can you find under Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission?

How to apply for Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission?

You can apply for Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission Card in just a few steps, here’s how you can.

What are the benefits of Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission?

  • The individuals can securely store all the information regarding their health at one place. They can also access accurate data of medical facilities and healthcare providers.
  • The registered users can even access telemedicine from any remote place. With the access to all the needed information it can help the individuals to make an informed decision.
  • The individuals can have the options to choose from both public and private health facility sectors along with pricing of various services helping in transparency.
  • Likewise, the medical professionals also can access the healthcare information of the patients helping to design the required treatment. 
  • Digitalizing these processes, help in speeding the healthcare processes of diagnosis and treatments.
  • All family members can be registered under one Ayushman Bharat Digital Card.
  • It can help with cashless payments in both private and public medical sectors.
  • It can be used to treat even for any pre-existing health condition. 
  • There is no age limit to register on the portal.

Is data on ABDM safe?

All the data on the platform is highly secure and is not shared with any third party. ABDM platform shares any patient-related information only after the patient’s approval.

Who is eligible to register on ABDM platform?

Generally families who have an annual income of less than 5 lakhs can register as on the ABDM platform and avail the benefits offered.

Can the ABHA card be used in other
than government hospitals?

Yes, an ABHA card can have access for both private and public health facilities. Although the users can make an informed decision of choosing either private or public hospitals after considering all the factors.


Questions ? Answered !

Is there any enrollment fee to be paid to register for ABDM?

The registration process is completely free of cost. There is no amount to be paid for any step of registration. Although you need to provide your details like name, age, phone number, and aadhar card number.

Is registration on ABDM mandatory for all citizens?

No, this is not a mandatory process and it is completely the choice of individuals who decide to register on the platform. Although voluntary, individuals can avail various benefits from registering on the platform.

Can we re login even if we get logged out or forget our passwords?

Yes the ABHA platform works similar to all other social networking websites. You can always re-login using the username and password. In case you forget the username and password you can reset the password using the phone number or email id linked with the account.

Can we use an ABHA card for cashless treatment payments?

Yes, ABHA card offers a certain amount limit, with ABHA card you can have cashless healthcare benefits. With this ABHA card you can avail cashless healthcare benefits in any private or public healthcare benefits.

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