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Here’s about Breast Cancer

Breast is a glandular organ located on the chest. The breast is made of specialized tissue organized into 15 to 20 lobes that can make milk that is expressed through ducts.

There are several smaller ducts that unite to form larger ducts that exit the skin at the nipple. The dark region of skin surrounding the nipple is known as the areola. Fat and tissues fill the voids between the lobules and ducts.

The breast's shape and support are provided by the breast's connective tissue and ligaments.

Understanding the Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer is a condition characterized by the uncontrolled multiplication of breast cells. There are various types of Breast Cancer. Which breast cells become Cancerous determines the type of Breast Cancer.

Breast Cancer is the most frequent type of Cancer in women. Both men and women can be diagnosed with Breast Cancer, but it is more common in women. Reach out to the best Breast Cancer hospital in Coimbatore to undergo diagnostic procedures in order to avoid complications.

Here are the types of Breast Cancer that can affect

Ductal Cancers

The Cancerous cells begin their development within the ducts of the breast and eventually spread to other areas of the breast tissue. Cells with an aggressive form of Cancer are more likely to metastasis, or spread, to other areas of the body.

Lobular Cancer

The Cancerous cells begin their journey in the lobules of the breast and eventually make their way into the surrounding breast tissue. These Cancer cells can potentially invade other sections of the body and spread throughout the body.

Breast Cancer staging

Medical professionals are always concerned about whether a patient's Breast Cancer has spread or not, and how far it is spread. Staging is the name given to this process. The Cancer's stage identifies the extent of the disease's presence within the body. It aids in determining the severity of the malignancy and the most effective method of treatment.

Risk factors that might trigger Breast Cancer condition

When abnormal cells in your breast divide and grow, this can lead to Breast Cancer. But scientists aren't sure what starts this process in the first place.

But research shows that there are a few things that might make you more likely to get Breast Cancer. These things are:

Sex- more in females
Genes & family history
Use of alcohol
Radiation exposure
Therapy to replace hormones

Some warning symptoms of Breast Cancer are

Here are the various signs and symptoms of the condition

New lump in the breast or underarm (armpit)

Thickening or enlargement of portion of the breast

Irritation or discolouration of breast skin

Rashes or flaky skin in the nipple region or the breast

Pulling in of the nipple or soreness in the nipple area.

Nipple secretion other than breast milk, including blood.

Any alteration in the size or the contour of the breast.

Pain in any part of the breast though painless lumps have to be evaluated for Cancer.

*** Keep in mind that similar symptoms can emerge with other diseases that are not Cancer.

Early screening of the Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer screening entails looking for early signals of disease before the patient experiences symptoms. Screening tests seek to detect Cancer in its earliest stages, when it is most treatable and curable. A screening test may detect Cancers that are very small or slow-growing, although this is not always the case. These Cancers are unlikely to cause a person to die or become ill during his or her life.

In spite of Breast Cancer screening's limitations, it can help detect Breast Cancer at an earlier stage, making treatment more effective. Make an appointment with your doctor to discuss which Breast Cancer screening tests that are appropriate for your situation and when you should have them done. Cancer specialists in Coimbatore assist in early screening procedures to identify Breast Cancer.

Mammogram screening

Women who have no signs or symptoms of Breast Cancer might receive a screening mammography to check for possible Cancerous cells in their breast tissue. Images of each breast are normally acquired from two distinct views using an X-ray machine.

Mammograms for the purpose of diagnosis

When a woman has symptoms but the clinician feels “no lump” in her breast then mammography is the best tool for diagnosis. Diagnostic mammography is sometimes used to check women who have had Breast Cancer treatment in the past, as well. Reach out to the best oncology doctors in Coimbatore in case you want to undergo mammogram diagnosis.

Diagnostic procedures that help in the identification of the Breast Cancer


A breast X-ray is referred to as a mammogram. Breast Cancer screening often involves the use of mammograms. Your doctor may suggest a complete work-up if a problem is discovered during a routine screening mammogram.

Biopsy of the breast

Biopsy diagnoses Breast Cancer definitely. A biopsy removes a sample of questionable tissue with a needle guided by X-ray or another imaging test.

Breast Cancer treatment

Your Breast Cancer's stage, how far it's spread, and how big the tumor determines your treatment.

Your doctor will measure, stage, and grade your Cancer. Your Cancer's grade indicates its growth and spread potential. Then, review treatment alternatives.

In Breast Cancer surgery chemotherapy, targeted therapy, radiation, and hormone therapy are used in required combinations.

Prevention of Breast Cancer

Following a healthy lifestyle, obtaining regular checkups, and adopting preventive actions will help minimise your Breast Cancer risk. Individuals with family history of Breast Cancer can undergo genetic testing to understand their risk levels.

Lifestyle factors

Obesity increases the risk of Breast Cancer. Diet and exercise can help you lose weight and reduce your risk.


Diet can reduce Breast Cancer risk. Limit alcohol and eat fruits and vegetables. Even light drinking can increase the risk of Breast Cancer in older persons. Not drinking is the healthiest option due to alcohol's other hazards.

Quitting smoke

Smoking promotes at least 15 malignancies, including Breast Cancer. Quit smoking if you can. Benefits are rarely late.

FAQ Questions? Answered!

Despite the fact that Breast Cancer is frequently painless, it is crucial to pay attention to any signs or symptoms that can be related to the disease. Some folks might say the pain feels sensitive and searing. Find out more about the symptoms of Breast Cancer here.
In one of your armpits there is a bulge or swelling. a modification in how your skin feels or looks, such as dimpling, puckering, a rash, or redness. a rash (similar to eczema), skin that is crusting, scaly, itchy, or red around your nipple. a change in how your nipple looks, such as when it sinks into your breast.
Only these two risk factors are present in more than 70% of female patients with the condition. As a woman ages, her chance of Breast Cancer rises. The importance of this increases after the age of 50. Women with one first degree relative with Breast Cancer have double the risk of developing Breast Cancer.
Tumors must be removed, reduced, or allowed to develop more slowly via medical interventions. To reduce Breast Cancer symptoms, you can employ a few complementary therapies and lifestyle modifications in addition to regular medical care.
The growth rate of Cancer makes it fearsome. That’s the reason, early intervention gives better results.
Breast cancer treatment in Coimbatore costs vary depending on the stage of disease, the exact treatment plan, the healthcare provider or facility, and the needs of the individual patient.

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