Bone marrow cancer - A brief introduction to the condition:

The sponge-like part of the bones is called bone marrow. Stem cells are found deep in the marrow. They eventually develop into platelets, red blood cells (RBCs), or white blood cells (WBCs).

Cancer of the bone marrow happens in the marrow and starts to multiply rapidly or in an odd way. Bone marrow cancer or blood cancer is cancer that starts in the bone marrow.

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Multiple myeloma - the significant signs that indicate the condition:

Frequent infections


Bone pain

Confused state of mind


Increased thirst

Leg weakness


In case you are experiencing any of the mentioned, visit a bone marrow cancer hospital to avoid any delay in the diagnosis and treatment.

The risk factors of bone marrow cancer:

The significant types of bone marrow cancer:

The complications that follow if bone marrow cancer is not treated early:

  • Bone problems:

    Multiple myeloma can also hurt your bones, making them weaker and more likely to break.

  • Low red blood count:

    Multiple myeloma can cause anaemia and other blood problems as the myeloma crowd the healthy blood cells.

  • Constant infections:

    Your body also can’t fight off infections when it has multiple myeloma.

  • Decreased kidney function:

    Multiple myeloma can make it hard for the kidneys to work and even lead to kidney failure.

Bone marrow cancer - The diagnostic procedures involved:

One or more tests may be recommended to diagnose a congenital heart defect. These include:

Bone marrow cancer - The Treatment Options:


Questions ? Answered !

Can bone marrow cancer be cured?

Multiple myeloma sometimes doesn’t show immediate signs; hence, early diagnosis can be difficult. But bone marrow cancer can be treated completely when identified at the right time.

Is bone marrow cancer serious?

People with bone marrow cancer have very different chances of getting better. If a person is diagnosed with cancer before it spreads, it is more likely that they will respond well to treatment and stay cancer-free for years after going into remission. Bone marrow cancer is aggressive in some people.

Can stage 4 bone marrow cancer be treated?

Some types of bone cancer in stage 4 can be treated, but the treatments can be extensive. The success of treatment depends a lot on how well the treatment team can remove the tumours through surgery. Most of the time, chemotherapy is done before surgery to shrink the tumour. Speak to your doctor about the bone marrow cancer cost to prepare a plan.

Is bone marrow transplant successful in saving lives?

70% of people who need a bone marrow transplant do not have a family member who is a match. Someone with leukemia, another blood cancer, or lymphoma can get a bone marrow transplant to save their life.

Where does bone cancer start to develop from?

Bone cancer can start in any bone, but it usually happens in the pelvis or the long bones of the arms and legs. Bone cancer is not very common. It makes up less than 1% of all cancers. Bone tumours that are not cancerous are much more common than ones that are.

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