Heart Warrior

Did you know the majority of heart attack cases are fatal as they do not receive basic first aid before reaching out to the hospital? First aid will help you assist people suffering a heart attack in case medical help is yet to reach.

Be a Superhero!

Sri Ramakrishna Hospital’s initiative:

The Department of Cardiology at Sri Ramakrishna Hospital has come up with an initiative to provide training for people to ensure they have a basic understanding of how to help heart attack sufferers. This training involves hands-on experience at the hospital facility to give you a better experience. Candidates who complete the training are also provided with a certificate as a token for their contribution to becoming a Heart Warrior.

Our Vision

To train at least one member of the family to preserve lives!

Why is getting trained for first aid important?

Knowledge of first aid is vital to both the individual and the community. It allows you to aid those experiencing a heart attack until help arrives. First Aid abilities can be used at home, in the workplace, and public places; consequently, the greater the number of First Aid-certified individuals in a community, the safer that community becomes.

Becoming certified in First Aid benefits you as an individual and your family, friends, coworkers, and the community as a whole. As heart attacks can occur at any given point in time, it is important for the warriors to be on the call round the clock.

Heart attacks will always occur regardless of prevention measures and treatment.

Consequently, those who are adequately taught and have the necessary equipment contribute significantly to enhancing the safety of everyone. Without adequate First Aid, a minor attack could turn serious and, in some situations, deadly due to a lack of prompt medical attention. First aid not only ensures smooth healing but also saves lives.

Why should you become a heart warrior?

It can aid in the fast recovery of the patient:

First aid will stabilize a person's health while receiving additional treatment. Everyone should be trained in it since it provides a great feeling of safety. One will be able to respond to emergencies without panicking with confidence.

Knowing to perform CPR can preserve lives:

It is an emergency operation performed when the heart stops beating in situations such as near-drowning or a heart attack. Immediate CPR can boost a patient's probability of surviving a cardiac arrest if administered after an emergency.

It aids in pain management:

Due to a heart attack, one may experience severe pain. Therefore, someone knowledgeable in first aid can provide instant pain relief.

Helps an unconscious patient:

First aid helps facilitate assistance to the victim, increasing the victim's chances of survival. So, begin your training immediately!

Fill in your details to become a certified Heart Warrior:

Anyone above the age of 18+ can avail of this opportunity to do their bit for society.

FAQ Questions? Answered!

If the victim is unconscious, begin cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Compress the middle of the victim's chest as hard as possible for roughly a minute at a rate of 100 to 120 compressions per minute. Follow the AEDs instructions if the victim is unconscious and an AED is nearby.
CPR is unnecessary if a person undergoing a heart attack is conscious and breathing normally. However, CPR could save that person's life if their heart suddenly stops beating. First, contact the emergency before you do anything else.
Although it has been known to restart a heart, the term "heart restart" is misleading. The goal is to maintain life until the patient can be taken to a hospital for proper care. Blood is pushed throughout the body by rapid chest compressions.
During cardiac arrest, a person's heart stops beating and shortly becomes unconscious. They cease to breathe, and their bodily functions also cease. Failure to initiate cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) during the first three minutes after a cardiac arrest might lead to irreversible brain damage. Brain injury is likely to happen if you wait any longer than nine minutes.
People who are 18 years or older can undergo the first aid training for a heart attack. Reach out to the hospital to register for the training.

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