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What is a mammogram?

A mammogram is a type of X-ray that helps examine the tissues of the breasts for any abnormal growth. During a mammogram scan a small amount of radiation is used to produce the image.

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What are the types of mammograms?

There are two major types of mammograms, they include:

  Digital mammogram:

Digital mammograms are used to take pictures of the breast and produce it on a computer screen instead of a traditional sheet.

  3D digital mammogram:

3D digital mammograms use 3D technology to take multiple images of the breast tissues and help identify any hidden abnormalities.

How are mammograms used?

As mentioned earlier, mammograms are performed to detect breast cancers and they can be used in two different ways.

  Screening mammograms::

This type of mammograms are performed even if the person is not experiencing any symptoms of breast cancer. In this test if any abnormality is detected further tests may be recommended.

  Diagnosing mammogram:

This kind of mammogram screening test is usually performed when there are symptoms of breast cancer. And this type usually takes a lot more pictures when compared to a screening mammogram.

Why is a mammogram important??

Mammograms can often detect abnormal breast tissue even if it is not felt. It can also show clusters of calcium, often referred to as micro-calcification. Cysts in the breasts can also be identified. As mammograms can identify breast cancers at an early stage, undergoing them is important for an early diagnosis and treatment.

What do the mammograms show?

Often mammograms are used to detect breast cancers, although they may show other abnormalities of the breasts. They include,

  Breast asymmetry 
  Breast masses

Who should undergo a mammogram?

A mammogram is a routine breast screening test that can be undergone by women once they attain a certain age.

Women or girls who are experiencing signs of breast cancer.

Women of age 40 to 44 should undergo mammograms annually.

Women at the age 45 to 54 years should undergo every two years

Women of age above 55 can undergo every two years or as recommended.

Do you feel pain during a mammogram?

Usually mammograms are not painful yet it can cause discomfort. But few women may state mammograms to be painful but pain during mammograms are determined by several factors, they include:

  The density and size of the breasts
  The level of compression  
  If you are about get periods or just completed your periods
  The experience of the radiology expert


Questions? Answered!

Can mammograms detect breast cancers early?

The best tool available to doctors for early detection of breast cancer is a mammography. A mammogram is an image of the breast produced by X-ray. Mammograms are used by doctors to detect early signs of breast cancer. Frequent mammograms can detect breast cancer at an early stage, sometimes even three years before any symptoms appear.

How much does mammogram test cost in Coimbatore?

Mammogram test costs usually depend on the type of mammogram. And it can also highly depend on the locality of the hospital and the experience of the radiologist performing the test.

How long does a mammogram take?

Screening mammograms usually take about 15-30 minutes to complete. And diagnostic mammograms take longer than screening mammograms as they may need to take multiple photos.

Are mammograms safe?

Mammograms are generally safe and only a minimal amount of radiation is used. If you have any further concerns talk to a mammogram specialist in Coimbatore to know more about it.

Can mammograms be performed during periods?

Mammograms can be performed at any point of time, although undergoing mammograms during may be uncomfortable as breasts can be sensitive.

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