Brachytherapy - Here’s an overview of the treatment option:

Brachytherapy, called internal radiation therapy, involves intense energy beams to fight cancer. The energy is derived from radioactive seeds implanted inside the body. This enables your doctor to deliver a larger dosage of radiation specifically to the tumour while minimizing exposure to the healthy tissue. Certain forms of cancer are initially treated with brachytherapy.

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What types of cancers are treated with Brachytherapy ?

If you are dealing with any of these cancers, visit brachytherapy doctors in Coimbatore who will help you with the treatment and also aid you in complete recovery.

Brachytherapy - The three major types of the brachytherapy procedures:

Understanding the benefits of choosing brachytherapy:

When should you visit a doctor during brachytherapy?

During brachytherapy, in case you experience any of the following, you should visit the doctor,

Brachytherapy - Ways the procedure work:

The steps involved in the brachytherapy procedure:

No matter what the procedure is, you'll be given medicines to help you stay calm. You might get a drug to help you sleep and anesthesia to make you feel better. Once you're good, the procedure begins:


Questions ? Answered !

Is brachytherapy a painful procedure?

Internal radiation therapy is also known as brachytherapy. A radioactive implant is implanted in or around the tumour. Implant placement is typically a painless operation. You may receive a temporary or permanent implant depending on your cancer type and treatment strategy.

Is brachytherapy a successful procedure?

Brachytherapy has been demonstrated to treat several types of cancer just as effectively as conventional external beam radiation therapy and surgery when done properly. It works best for people whose cancer has not spread to other body parts.

Can you normally walk after brachytherapy?

Depending on the patient, recovery duration can vary; however, brachytherapy can minimize recovery time. Due in part to the minimally invasive nature of the operation, patients could walk again within a few hours and resume their typical activities within a few days.

How many sessions are required for brachytherapy?

You may have one or two sessions per day over several days. During high-dose-rate brachytherapy, the patient lies comfortably. Depending on the procedure, an anaesthetic may be administered.

How long is the procedure of brachytherapy?

Brachytherapy can take up to 30 minutes, depending on your type of therapy. You will be given painkillers before the procedure so you don't feel any pain. You might get A sedative that makes you sleepy and medicine that numbs your perineum. To know the complete brachytherapy cost in Coimbatore, visit Sri Ramakrishna Hospital doctors, who will provide you with a complete treatment plan.

What is the cost of Brachytherapy in Coimbatore?

Brachytherapy in Coimbatore costs vary depending on the type of cancer being treated, the specific brachytherapy technique used, the stage of the disease, and the healthcare provider or facility.

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