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Medical tourism is a term coined for the phenomenon of people traveling abroad to receive treatment for various health conditions. People often remain in the foreign country after their medical treatment to engage in sightseeing which is where the term “tourism” comes into play.
When it comes to medical tourism, India consistently ranks first. The reason for this is that the country has a full range of affordable international medical services. People from all over the world come to India to get medical care, and it's not hard to see why. Hospitals here have world-class equipment, highly skilled doctors, affordable care, and personalized care, so it's not surprising that people come from all over the world to get medical care there.
Medical Tourism in India
Sri Ramakrishna Hospital
Your One-Stop Destination For Medical Tourism in India
Sri Ramakrishna Hospital situated right in the heart of the Textile City Coimbatore has a legacy of 49 years and counting. The foundation was laid with a mission to make advanced healthcare accessible to every individual who seeks. Sri Ramakrishna Hospital was established by the SNR Sons Charitable Trust and treats thousands of patients every year. From simple to complex conditions our highly skilled doctors ensure the patient has a hassle-free recovery journey and a feel-at-home experience.
Milestones We Achieved:
Sri Ramakrishna Hospital has been a pioneer in revolutionary healthcare. Along with providing exemplary healthcare SRH has achieved some milestones, take a look.
The first hospital in Tamil Nadu to perform kidney transplantation.
Coimbatore’s first hospital to perform joint replacement and surface replacement surgery.
Tamil Nadu’s first baby was born in 1991 IVF and the first to introduce IVF in South India.
Coimbatore’s first hospital to offer thrombolysis therapy to stroke patients.
Medical Tourism Services We Offer:
We understand leaving your homeland to another country for medical treatment can be both physically and emotionally draining. We at Sri Ramakrishna Hospital ensure you have a smooth and comfortable experience your throughout medical treatment in India at an affordable package.
Journey of health care tourism in India with Sri Ramakrishna Hospital:
Scheduling Appointment:
Scheduling appointments for International Patients has been easier than ever. Our systems are so simple that scheduling an appointment with your doctor should be the least of your worries. Our medical coordinator will work with you and schedule an appointment according to your flexibility and availability. We take care so that you relax.
Treatment Plan & Cost Estimates:
Compared to other hospitals, SRH is known to provide affordable care for the excellent expertise that it offers. We provide you with the treatment plan & cost estimates where you can have a detailed understanding of the medical conditions so that you can adjust your financial responsibility in a relaxed mode. The price range we offer at a Medical Tourism hospital in India is just 1/3rd of what you pay in western countries like the USA and UK.
Visa Travel Assistance:
Contact our International Patients service coordinator, so that we may take charge and get assistance for all your Visa needs. We will commence with all the necessary paperwork so that you may get started on your healing process. Before you seek assistance ensure to have all the needed documents for the Visa process.
Assistance with Hotel Bookings:
While you stay with SRH, we make sure that your near and dear ones who have come to help you during your hard times have the necessary accommodation suitable to your budget. We take care of all the hotel bookings that you or your family may require.
multilingual services
Multilingual Services:
We get patients from across the globe. Hence we provide all our International Patients with the best International Patients services in India like the multilingual services so that they communicate their issues and concerns in a language they are familiar with and there is no scope for miscommunication.
International Cuisine/Religious Needs:
We are aware of the different cultures different dietary and religious needs of each patient. We have an exclusive team of members who will cater to your specific needs and chart out a plan tailored to suit your culture-specific needs. We make each patient feel at home, even though they are miles away from home.
Our services start before our patients even get to our building. Our team sets up appointments with the right experts and helps the patient and his or her family and friends with visa invitations and letters so that a medical visa can be processed. Members of our team are ready to meet the patient at the airport and bring him or her to our hospital safely and in comfort. On request and if we can, we can also help with translation services.
local sightseeing
Local Sightseeing:
It is not all about getting treated. When patients are in a new country, they like to explore the local area. We at SRH, ensure that their stay is not all about being confined in hospital rooms, but they get to see the diversity and beauty of Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. We provide local sightseeing services convenient to the patient and keep on schedule with their treatment plan.
insurance services
Insurance services:
If a patient wants to get care at SRH and use their insurance, they need to do the following:
  • Contact our International Patients Service Coordinator in India to find out if SRH Hospital will accept your insurance.
  • Get your local doctor to fill out the insurance form and send it to the  International Patients Service coordinator. The  International Patients Service coordinator will then send your request to our insurance department.
online consultation
Online - Consultation:
Every patient is apprehensive getting medical care abroad, as they wonder how they will navigate before and aftercare. SRH provides the solution as we provide remote consultation and your doctor will be in touch with you before and after you leave SRH. They will answer your problems, address your concerns, and ensure that you feel at peace and relaxed before and after the treatment. That is why we say, we give complete care in every sense of the word.
What makes India a suitable medical tourism destination?
Affordable prices:
Medical tourism hospitals in India provide the finest quality healthcare at the best price possible. When compared to other western countries like the USA/UK the treatment in India is about only one-third of the cost of the treatment offered abroad. But in Sri Ramakrishna Hospital we provide at an affordable price compared to medical hospitals in South India.
Finest Healthcare:
India is a developing country that places a lot of value on having a good healthcare system that is also up-to-date. One way to do this is to make sure medical tourism hospitals in India have the most up-to-date medical technologies and testing tools. India's basic and secondary healthcare facilities are getting better as time goes on.
No-language barrier:
In India, English is the language most people use to talk to each other. India is said to be the second-largest country where English is the main language. Aside from this, all hospitals have teams who can speak more than one language can help people who don't speak English.
Varied Treatment Options:
Medical treatment in India offers a variety of options for people seeking medical help. Sri Ramakrishna Hospital offers medical help for infertility, end-stage kidney disorders, heart disorders, cancer-related concerns and many more. With the opportunity to choose from different treatment options, the journey to recovery becomes much simpler and smoother. 
Patients who underwent treatment in the past are still continuing to seek treatment as we ensure to provide the best facilities.
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