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Sri Ramakrishna Hospital has stood at the forefront of medical advancement in Coimbatore.

The Department of Neurosurgery is one of the oldest departments in Sri Ramakrishna Hospital, and work with 3 of the best neuro surgeon in Coimbatore and have rendered yeomen service to countless patients over the years.

We were the first in the state to introduce microsurgery for the brain and spinal neurosurgery.

We use the most advanced technology and techniques to treat a host of Neurological diseases in a manner at par with global benchmarks. Our craniofacial unit was established in 2003 and today we routinely perform craniofacial surgery and reconstructive procedures for craniosynotosis.

More recently, we have introduced theadvanced NIM Eclepse Intra-Operative Monitoring System for enhanced safety in brain and spinal cord surgery. In keeping with our quest to provide the very best surgical care possible, we will shortly be introducing neuro navigation and the advanced ‘o arm’ in our operating theatre.

Our commitment to excellence is absolute and we constantly endeavour to improve both our technology and technique.

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Will surgery be necessary for stroke?
If there is high pressure in the head due to bleed or stroke, surgery may be indicated but only in a minority.
All patients with loss of consciousness, vomiting or headache, or giddiness should be admitted and observed for 24 hours.
With current advances in Surgery and Anaesthesia and the availability of advanced equipment, surgery is safe for a vast majority of tumors.
Yes. With the latest Neuro monitoring equipment, microscope, and CUSA, etc, spinal surgery is safe and effective.

Psychological problems involve panic attacks, anxiety, and depression. Biochemical imbalances, past experiences, and stress may be the result of them. They are not conditions that are neurological. Nerve disorders and psychological concerns, however, may have similar symptoms.

Benign tumors need no treatment in many cases. Doctors can simply use "watchful waiting" to insure that no problems are caused by them. But if symptoms are an issue, care may be required. A common form of treatment for benign tumors is surgery.

Stress induces signals, Yale researchers have discovered, that cause cells to grow into tumors.

Since different areas of the brain control various body functions, the symptoms you get are caused by where the tumor lies. Until they're large, some tumors have no symptoms and then cause a serious, rapid health decline. Some tumors may have signs that are slowly growing.


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