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The Department of Nephrology at Sri Ramakrishna Hospital work with top nephrologist in Coimbatore, treating patients for more than 4 decades.

The first haemodialysis unit was installed here way back in 1980. This was also the year we performed our first kidney transplant.

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Is dialysis painful?
No, it’s jus a process of purifying blood. Jus a needle prick, otherwise it’s totally pain free.
No, in majority of the cases recipient will not need dialysis. Recipient can resume work in a matter of few months
No. Kidney biopsy is a very simple procedure done under local pain relief in scan room. Complications are uncommon and manageable.
No. Steroid has it’s own adverse effects, but used effectively it can save kidneys and life.
No. Kidney failure progresses in stages. When identified early and necessary steps taken, we can slow down the progression and need for dialysis.
LASER treatment is available in our Hospital
No. Treatment for kidney stones decided on the basis of size and location of the stone, patient symptoms and kidney function .
In men Prostate gland is located between bladder and urinary passage ( Urethra ). Which is enlarged in majority of the men above age of 50 years.
Difficulty in passing urine, incomplete emptying of bladder, night frequent urination, urinary urgency
Majority of the patients do well with medical treatment. Some patients need endoscopic surgery ( TURP-Trans Urethral Resection of Prostate)


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