At Sri Ramakrishna Hospital, the Department of Anaesthesiology provides dedicated anaesthesia care to the entire spectrum of surgical services including Neurosurgery, Urological Surgery, Plastic Surgery, Surgical Oncology, Paediatric Surgery, Surgical Gastroenterology,Vascular Surgery, Maxillofacial Surgery, Orthopaedics, Otorhinolaryngology, Obstetrics and Gynaecology and General Surgery.

We provide safe and effective anaesthesia care of the highest order. Our mission is to deliver timely, compassionate clinical care of international standards and we dedicate ourselves to this every single day.

Medical Conditions

The Department of Anaesthesiology of Sri Ramakrishna Hospital takes pride in having excellent facilities which house advanced technology to aid in the execution of the most difficult procedures. Our state-of-the-art equipment includes:

  • Fibreoptic bronchoscope
  • Video laryngoscope
  • Supraglottic airway devices
  • Ultrasound guidance for upper and lower limb peripheral nerve blocks and central venous cannulation
  • Neuromuscular monitoring
  • Entropy to monitor the depth of anaesthesia

Anaesthesia services are extended outside the operating room as well. Our services extend to the CT and MRI suite, endoscopy room, Cathlab and ART suite and labour room. Our well-appointed facilities rival the best. They have been developed with great attention to detail and no expense has been spared. They comprise

  • Advanced modular operating rooms
  • A12 bed recovery room with advanced monitoring systems
  • A4 bed post-anaesthesia care unit for management of high risk patients
  • A pre-assessment clinic
  • A specialised anaesthesia workstation with monitors
Treatments & Procedures

The Department of Anaesthesiology of Sri Ramakrishna Hospital administers advanced anaesthesia and maintains the highest levels of professionalism. Our pre-assessment clinic conducts an evaluation of each patient prior to the surgical procedure he or she is to undergo.

The evaluation process takes into consideration a host of things. This includes the patient’s complete medical history, his or her current state of health, the planned surgical procedure, the desired outcome and so on. It allows the anaesthesiologist to make judgements on what is the safest anaesthesia plan for the patient in question.

Based on the decisions arrived at, the anaesthesia plan is explained to the patient in detail. This dispels any fears and myths the patient might have and puts the patient’s mind at ease. The rapport created is important to reducing anxiety on the operating table, before commencing the procedure.

The Department of Anaesthesiology of Sri Ramakrishna Hospital maintains the highest levels of expertise and administers the most advanced forms of anaesthesia including conscious sedation for awake craniotomies among others. We have successfully treated patients ranging in age from just a few hours old to more than 90 years. Our track record with high risk obstetric patients, who are critically ill, is excellent. We offer epidurals to keep our patients pain free during labour. Our team is adept in dealing with procedures relating to renal transplants. We also provide day care services which allow patients to return home on the same day of surgery.

In keeping with our hospital’s mission to provide healthcare of international standards, we maintain a brilliant safety record through our teamwork and commitment to quality.

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