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Our dedicated team of pain management specialists offers modern facilities to provide you relief from the pain and improve your quality of life. The Pain Management Department at Sri Ramakrishna Hospital is your destination for pain relief and renewed well-being. To rediscover the joy of living painlessly, consult our specialists today.

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Pain Management Centre in Coimbatore with Expert Care

Sri Ramakrishna Hospital’s Department of Interventional Pain Medicine strives to identify the underlying cause of chronic pain from any source and provide long-lasting treatment. With the aspiration of becoming the lead pain management centre in Coimbatore, this department features a dedicated outpatient facility to accommodate both local and referred patients throughout the day. The highlight of our department lies in its multidisciplinary approach, integrating the expertise of surgical, medical, and rehabilitation departments. 

Pain interventions

In the past, chronic pain lasting longer than six months was typically diagnosed through clinical examination and managed using conventional medications. If the pain persisted despite medication and rehabilitation, surgical interventions were considered for conditions that had not responded satisfactorily to other treatments.

Modern medicine has discovered alternative approaches to conventional treatments, recognizing that medical interventions may not always yield successful outcomes and surgical procedures can be burdensome. Pain management in Coimbatore now involves precise injections directly at the target site, modifying nerve pathways through ablative procedures, administering intramuscular injections, and utilizing joint manipulations. 

Numerous interventions are performed as outpatient procedures, typically requiring a few hours of observation before patients are discharged. However, major procedures such as coeliac plexus blocks and lumbar sympathetic interventions may necessitate hospital admission and in-house monitoring. Our pain specialist doctor in Coimbatore offers advanced treatment options for pain-related issues.

Facilities & Technology

  • Daycare pain interventions
  • Exclusive Headache Clinic
  • Neck & Back pain Interventions
  • Fluoroscopic guided procedure
  • Trigger point injections
  • Radio-frequency ablation
  • Neurolytic procedures
  • Interventions & Rehabilitation for cancer pain
  • Ultrasound guided interventions
  • Rehabilitation for chronic pain syndromes in elderly

Medical Conditions

Treatments & Procedures

PainManagement Treatment and Procedures

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is referred to as pain management?
Pain management is a medical approach that studies the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of pain using scientific and alternative healing disciplines.
Your doctor may refer you to a pain clinic if you have persistent pain that has lasted more than three months. You are more likely to be referred if your pain is seriously hurting your life and everyday functioning. Your persistent pain may be referred to you with or without a diagnosis.
Chronic pain is long-term pain that lasts longer than the normal recovery period or comes in conjunction with a chronic health condition like arthritis. It's possible to have both constant and irregular episodes of chronic pain. It may cause people to be unable to work, eat well, engage in physical activity, or simply enjoy life.
Treating arthritis, for example, can occasionally alleviate joint pain. Many people who suffer from chronic pain are unaware of the cause and are unable to find a solution. To relieve pain, they utilize a combination of drugs, treatments, and lifestyle changes. Any condition when detected at early stages can bring significant relief from pain and also restricts the condition from advancing.
Complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) is a type of pain that has no known cure, but it can be treated with physical therapy, medicine, and emotional support.
Between 5% and 10% of people with stable coronary artery disease may have refractory angina. There are a lot of new treatments that could help people with refractory angina live better lives.


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