Here at Sri Ramakrishna Hospital, we provide the very best care for children suffering from a host of conditions. We recognise the need for highly differentiated and specialised care in order for our little humans to thrive and we take great pride in providing the best of it. 

While our technology is indeed state-of-the-art, the warm personal touch of our highly experienced physicians makes a major difference. From gastro-intestinal surgery to oncological procedures, we offer a host of treatments to afflicted children. 

Do schedule an appointment with one of our consultants if you’re concerned about your child’s wellbeing.

Medical Conditions

Also known as ‘status asthmaticus’, acute severe asthma is an attack which does not respond to the use of typical inhaled bronchodilators. It is a potentially fatal condition which requires immediate medical attention.

There are a host of symptoms which include:

  • Repeated shortness of breath
  • breathlessness even while lying down
  • A ‘closed’ or constricted chest
  • Inability to speak entire sentences
  • An inability to concentrate
  • Lips which have a bluish tint
  • Confusion
  • Agitation
  • Abdominal muscles and neck muscles which are strained

Causes of it are largely unknown but those suffering from it usually have not received proper treatment for asthma in the past. It is imperative that the patient receive immediate medical attention in case he or she is not responding to an inhaled bronchodilator.

Epilepsy is the condition where a patient suffers from repeated seizures time and again. There doesn’t appear to be a clear cause. Refractory epilepsy is a condition where there is difficulty bringing seizures under control even through the use of medication. It is also known as uncontrolled, intractable or drug-resistant epilepsy. 

Nearly one-third of all people suffering from epilepsy will develop refractory epilepsy in their lifetime. Refractory seizure disorders can seriously hinder a person’s quality of life. Refractory seizures can be triggered due to a whole host of reasons ranging from incorrect treatment of epilepsy to lifestyle factors to drug-resistance. It is imperative that you seek medical care for your child immediately to treat this condition. 

At Sri Ramakrishna Hospital we offer a host of treatments from refractory seizure disorders, ranging from different combinations of drugs to surgery and so on.

Children should be free to run and play as they choose. The reality though is that nature does pose certain dangers to their wellbeing. Scorpions, snakes, insects and so on lie under every rock and bush. They typically react in self-defense to a perceived threat and a child playing and shouting usually can alarm them. 

Envenomation is the process by which an animal transfers its venom to its victim. Some of them do it through their fangs while others do it through teeth, stingers and so on. The treatment for this is antivenom specific to each creature. 

At Sri Ramakrishna Hospital we keep your children safe by ensuring we have treatments for every eventuality. From antivenom for a host of snakebites to that for scorpions and poisonings, we can ensure that your child gets the right treatment in a timely manner.

The meninges are membranes which surround the brain and spinal cord. Inflammation of the meninges is known as meningitis. Encephalitis is inflammation of the brain itself. Both conditions are caused by infections, have a whole host of causes and are potentially fatal. 

Typically caused by viruses, they can also be caused by bacteria or non-infectious diseases like systemic lupus erythematosus and Behcet’s disease. 

Some of the symptoms include sudden fever, headache, sensitivity to light, stiff neck, double vision, vomiting and so on. If you notice such symptoms in your child, schedule an appointment with one of Sri Ramakrishna Hospital’s paediatric consultants immediately.

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