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Here at Sri Ramakrishna Hospital, our department of paediatrics has one of the best child specialist in Coimbatore who provides the very best care for children suffering from a host of conditions. We recognise the need for highly differentiated and specialised care in order for our little humans to thrive, and we take great pride in providing the best of it. Our goal for the near future is to be considered the Best Child Hospital in Coimbatore.

While our technology is indeed state-of-the-art, the warm personal touch of our highly experienced physicians makes a major difference. From gastro-intestinal surgery to oncological procedures, we offer a host of treatments to afflicted children.

Do schedule an appointment with one of our consultants if you’re concerned about your child’s wellbeing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What health issues do pediatricians address?
Pediatricians offer the following services to children below 18 years of age.
- Regular wellness visits: assessment of growth and development, vaccinations.
- General sick visits: Care of children with acute and chronic medical illness.
- Emergency Pediatric services.
- For routine scheduled vaccinations
- For regular growth and development checkups
- When your child is sick
- If your child is having a fever, cold, cough, vomiting, breathlessness, loose motions, is severely tired or lethargic, is irritated/ crying excessively or anything which as a parent bothers you regarding your child. Trust your intuitions as a parent and seek timely help to ensure your child's wellbeing.
A Pediatric Endocrinologist is a specialist who deals with hormone disorders in children from birth to adolescence(below 18 years of age). Some common hormonal issues in children include;
1. Diabetes Mellitus - Type 1 /Type 2
2. Short stature and growth disorders
3. Obesity
4. Thyroid gland problems
5. Puberty problems - Early/ delayed puberty, menstrual irregularities, PCOS
6. Adrenal gland disorders - CAH, Addison disease, Cushing syndrome
7. Vitamin D related bone disorders
8. Hypoglycemia
9. Disorders of Sex differentiation
10. Others- Hypopituitarism, Turner syndrome, Prader Wili Syndrome
Children too can develop thyroid problems;
1. decreased functioning of the thyroid gland- hypothyroidism
2. increased functioning of the thyroid gland- hyperthyroidism
Thyroid hormone is very important for a child's growth and brain development. So disorders of thyroid gland should be identified at the earliest and treated appropriately. With the availability of good diagnostic and treatment modalities it is now possible to accurately diagnose and effectively treat these children.
Delayed puberty in girls is defined as lack of appearance of secondary sexual characteristics (breast development) by 13 years of age. The onset of normal puberty in girls depends on multiple, closely interlinked biological processes and abnormality of any of these important links leads to delayed or absent pubertal changes. It is important to remember that many physical and biochemical problems associated with disorders of puberty may be successfully treated with timely evaluation and intervention.


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