With skin being the largest and most visible organ of our body, skin diseases are perceived to be not just physical problems but cause a lot of psychological stress to the patient. Healthy skin with natural radiance is desired by everybody.

The department of Dermatology & Cosmetology at Sri Ramakrishna Hospital aims to provide a one stop solution for all skin, hair and nail related problems. With state of the art equipments, dedicated doctors and supportive staff this department provides the best in class Dermatology services to the people of Coimbatore.

From simple skin problems like warts and eczema, to chronic diseases like psoriasis and vitiligo and even life threatening skin diseases like SJS and pemphigus, and building confidence with our aesthetic services – we have been rendering the best of care to hundreds of patients.

Medical Conditions

Psoriasis is a chronic skin disease which causes red scaly rashes over the knees, elbows, scalp and other areas. Rashes may occur on and off with most patients reporting increases in winter. Some medications, infections and stress can also increase psoriasis. Psoriasis is not infectious and will not spread to others. To know more about psoriasis talk to your doctor.

When autoimmunity destroys the pigment producing cells of our skin it causes vitiligo. The white patches on the skin are a cause of significant psychological stress to the patient. Vitiligo can be treated with medical treatment, phototherapy and vitiligo surgeries.

Eczema is often an itchy rash on the skin which is produced as a result of external or internal factors. From atopic dermatitis to allergic contact dermatitis, eczema can present as different types. In many patients eczema tends to be present for long durations with frequent recurrences. To know more about what is causing your eczema talk to your doctor today

Acne is a common problem especially among teenagers which affects their self esteem and confidence. Lifestyle changes, diet and hormonal activity will determine the severity of your pimples. Acne can be effectively treated with medications and procedures like chemical peeling. Post acne facial scars can be treated with microneedling and fractional LASERS. Walk in to get all your pimple related queries clarified by our experts.

The reasons for facial pigmentation could range from simple issues like tanning to melasma to hormonal changes. Do you know that some of the cosmetics you use can be causing skin pigmentation? Use of over the counter creams containing steroids for skin whitening can do more harm to your skin. Regular use of sunscreens, safe depigmenting creams, chemical peels, Carbon peels are some of the options available for getting rid of your pigmentation.

Another common issue causing a low self esteem is hair loss. In males the commonest cause for hair loss is male pattern baldness. Early and sustained medical treatment using minoxidil and peptide based serum can reverse your hair loss.

PRP treatment is a latest and well received method for treatment of hair loss. In females, apart from female pattern baldness, iron deficiency, hypothyroidism, and post child birth hair loss are some of the main reasons for hair loss. Your doctor may order some tests to diagnose the reasons for hair fall and prescribe appropriate medicines.

To know if you will require PRP call your doctor today.

Treatments & Procedures

Small skin lesions like warts, skin tags, freckles can be removed with this simple technique of electrosurgery. The doctor will use a cream or injection to numb the area, so the actual procedure itself is painless.

A skin biopsy may be done to diagnose your skin condition. Here a small bit of skin is removed under local anaesthesia and send to the pathologist for detailed examination. There are various techniques of skin biopsy such as shave biopsy, punch biopsy and excision biopsy.

Your doctor may choose an appropriate technique depending on the location and nature of your skin lesions.

The commonest cosmetology procedure done in India is the chemical peel. In this procedure the doctor will apply the peel solution on your skin which is left in place for the required time.

This helps to remove a few superficial layers of the skin, thereby allowing new skin layers to form. Various skin problems like acne (pimples), pimple marks (black spots), and pigmentation (melasma, dark circles) is effectively addressed by chemical peels.

Often called as lunch time procedures, chemical peels have very little downtime so can get back to routine work immediately.

Excessive hair growth in female is called as hirsuitism which is an emotionally distressing problem for the patient. LASER hair reduction is a safe and effective way to reduce the excess growth. You may require many sessions spread over a few months to achieve results. Both face and body hair can be treated with LASER.

Men desiring beard shapening can also opt for LASER hair reduction

Any undesirable tattoo can be completely removed by Q switched Nd YAG LASER. Black ink and amateur tattoo require whereas professional tattoos may require multiple sittings.

Your old pimple, chicken pox and traumatic scars need not bother you anymore. Resurfacing with fractional CO2 LASER can make the scars less visible and rejuvenate your appearance. Stretch marks can also be treated by this procedure. Though more than one session may be required and has down time of about a week, the results are more gratifying with LASER scar resurfacing

A cost effective alternative to laser scar resurfacing with lesser downtime is the microneedling technique. Dermapen and dermaroller instruments are used in the microneedling procedure.

New collagen growth is stimulated by microneedling thereby not just reducing scars but also rejuvenating and lifting the face.

A simple office procedure whereby you can get rid of your warts is the cryotherapy. The liquid nitrogen freezes your warts resulting in their clearance.

Narrow band UVB and UVA light is an excellent treatment for vitiligo, psoriasis and other dermatological diseases. In patient whom other medications cannot be used due to liver or kidney problem, narrow band UVB is a safe alternative.

PRP is obtained from the patient’s own blood and is reinjection into the skin. PRP injections can be used for increasing hair growth and treating face scars. Long standing ulcers also respond well to PRP treatment

Do you desire fuller cheeks and lips? Do you want to remove those laugh lines? Do you want to get rid of under eye dark circles? Ask your doctors about fillers which add volume to your face making it youthful.

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