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We are the Best Eye Hospital In Coimbatore with the combine the state-of-the-art technology with personalized attention to protect and improve your sight. Get routine eye-check up to complex surgeries at one place. We are committed to your visual well-being. Schedule an appointment in out Coimbatore Eye Specialist Hospital to restore your vision and see the world brightly.

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The primary goal of the Ophthalmology Department at Sri Ramakrishna Hospital is to offer top-notch eye care to not only the residents of Coimbatore but also to everyone from any part of the world seeking medical help. Even though there are other exceptional eye care facilities in the area, Sri Ramakrishna Hospital strives to establish a comprehensive We are the Famous Eye Hospital in Coimbatore with a strong focus on preventing blindness and maximizing vision restoration for its patients. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the visual defects?
A blind spot (scotoma) or blind area inside the normal field of one or both eyes is known as a visual field defect. The blind patches or zones are usually permanent, but they can be transitory and moving in some conditions, such as the scotoma of a migraine headache.
Ultrasound of the eye detects and diagnoses problems in and behind the eye using high-frequency sound waves. When a doctor doesn't have a good view into or beyond the eye, or needs to evaluate a specific lesion, an ultrasound of the eye is employed.
An ophthalmologist or optometrist performs a complete battery of tests during a normal ocular checkup. These doctors are experts in the field of ophthalmology. These tests will be used to assess your vision as well as the health of your eyes. A thorough eye exam or a routine eye exam are other terms for a standard ophthalmic checkup. Sri Ramakrishna Hospital’s top specialists offer a wide variety of ophthalmic procedures helping restore vision in people with difficulties.
If you can see 20/20, it means that your eyesight is normal. Some people have 20/15 vision or 20/10 vision, which is better than 20/20. This means that you can see something, like a line on an eye chart, from 20 feet away that most people can see from 15 or 10 feet away.
Glaucoma is a serious eye disease that lasts for life and can cause blindness if it isn't treated. But most people with glaucoma don't have to go blind because of it. That's because glaucoma can be controlled with modern treatments, and there are many ways to keep your eyes from getting worse from glaucoma.
When the shape of the eye keeps light from focusing directly on the retina, this is called a refractive error. This can happen for a number of reasons, such as if the eyeball is too long or too short, if the shape of the cornea changes, or if the person is getting older. Refractive errors can be fixed with the right treatment.
The finest way to take care of your contact lenses is to try to wash your hands and completely dry them before using contact lenses. Often clean your contact lenses as per your optometrist's instructions. Store the lens in the proper medium and replace that case every three months. Always use fresh solutions to clean the lenses.
The fortunate thing here is, that your damaged retina can be repaired in most cases by doctors. Also, in post-treatment the vision cannot be completely restored, taking actions at the correct time for retinal repair can prevent any vision loss and stabilize vision.
Steroid eye drops will potentially treat long-lasting and severe eye allergies. Typically they are used for short-term relief if you are facing more symptoms doctors at Sri Ramakrishna Hospital will recommend some allergy shots.


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