Most people live in fear of going to the dentist and prefer to live in pain instead. This is a mistake. Oral hygiene and health (or lack of it) can greatly contribute to your quality of life. Here at Sri Ramakrishna Hospital, the Department of Dentistry boasts some of the best surgeons and state-of-the-art equipment, trained and designed to offer you dental peace of mind. 

From basic teeth cleaning to advanced cosmetic dentistry allied with Maxillofacial solutions, we can offer all our patients customised care to ensure they keep smiling for years to come.

Medical Conditions

Most people have felt the pain of a toothache. Or if they haven’t, they’ve seen somebody suffering from it. There are many diverse causes of dental pain. The management of dental pain is a fairly complex issue due to a number of reasons including the difficulty in delivering anaesthesia to the region, diagnosis of it, the many orofacial conditions that cause it and so on. At the Department of Dentistry of Sri Ramakrishna Hospital, we manage pain in a variety of ways. Our expert consultants have delivered thousands of patients from pain using the very latest therapies and techniques. Do schedule an appointment if you suffer from dental pain.

In short, it is exactly what it sounds like, a makeover of your smile so you can look your very best. Our teeth are rarely perfect. Most people have some level of discolouration and staining. There are teeth which are crooked and those which overlap. There are gaps between teeth and missing teeth not to mention chipped teeth. Fillings are sometimes of varying colours and completely unsuited to facial structure.

Our lips may be awkwardly shaped and cheeks might sag. The smile makeover takes into account all aspects of a person’s face while aiming for the most attractive outcome. Read more about the treatments which are part of a smile makeover at Sri Ramakrishna Hospital here.

Treatments & Procedures

Cosmetic dentistry refers to the techniques and treatments which are used to enhance the appearance of a person’s teeth, gums and bite. A large part of the smile makeover, it improves the aesthetics of the smile using a host of techniques and treatments such as whitening, dental veneers, implants and so on. Our experts examine each person’s facial features in detail before prescribing a custom solution.

They take into consideration (among other things) facial structure, skin tone, tissue of the gums and lip shape before recommending the makeover that is perfect for the patient in question. Teeth which overlap or are crooked can be aligned and straightened, stains and discolourations can be removed, uneven teeth can be bonded and even the shape of cheeks and lips can be altered to be more flattering based on your requirement.

Dental implants are metal frames which are fused to the jaw bone, underneath the gums. They are allowed to ‘osseointegrate’ which means they become part of the bone. Once installed, a dentist can affix an artificial tooth (or teeth) to the implant. It will then function as your normal teeth would. Ordinary dentures and bridges tend to be uncomfortable and shift around in the mouth with various activities. On the other hand, bridges and artificial mounted to implants are absolutely stationary.

The strength of the implant is dependent on the health of the gums. If long-term oral hygiene is maintained, the implant can last a lifetime. Surgeons at the department of dentistry have extensive experience having installed dental implants for many of Sri Ramakrishna Hospital’s patients over the years. Do schedule an appointment with one of our consultants if you are concerned about your oral health.

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