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The Department of General Surgery works with the best General Surgeons in Coimbatore that focus on the contents of the abdomen such as the stomach, small bowel, oesophagus, liver, colon, pancreas, gall bladder, bile ducts, and thyroid gland, among others.

General surgeons in the department have collectively performed thousands of surgical procedures over the decades. From laparoscopic hernia surgeries to thyroid surgeries to diabetic foot ulcer surgery, many patients have benefited from their treatment. In short, their expertise is unrivalled.

Since 2006, the Department of General Surgery has been certified by the National Board of Examinations to conduct the DNB course in general surgery. We administer treatment on an out-patient basis to nearly 20,000 patients every year and more than a thousand receive treatment on an in-patient basis.

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What is the most common general surgery?
One of the most popular surgical operations performed all over the world is called a cholecystectomy, which involves removing the gallbladder through an incision in the abdomen.
Surgeons who practice general surgery have a common core of knowledge that includes anatomy and physiology as well as metabolic disorders, immunological disorders, and nutritional disorders. They also have knowledge of wound healing, shock, and resuscitation as well as intensive care and neoplasia, all of which are common to all surgical specialties.
Despite the recent expansion of board certification in complex surgical oncology, general surgeons continue to undertake the vast majority of cancer surgeries, notably for malignancies of the breast, skin and lower gastrointestinal tract, which are the most prevalent.
Best surgeons at Sri Ramakrishna Hospital practice advanced procedures to help patients recover with no complications or difficulties. Our specialists make use of safe methods to treat complex health concerns to help in a smooth recovery.


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