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Recommendations To Look After Your Little One As Well As Yourself

To become a mother can be exciting and terrifying at the same time. After giving birth, your body is beginning to heal and adjust to not being pregnant which is called the postpartum period. Also, this is the period when you bond with your baby. You want the Read More
Pulse - May 2022 Edition

Pulse Newsletter – May 2022

Newsletter – May 2022 Dr. JAMBUINGAM MBBS., MD (Gen Medicine) Consultant Physician & HOD Dr. V. SARVESWARAN MBBS, MS (Gen Surgery), FAIS Consultant Surgeon & HOD Dr. VISHNUKUMAR VENKATESAN MBBS, MS(GS), M.Ch Vascular, MRCS, Fellow in Vascular Read More
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Recommendations To Improve Liver Health

The liver is a vital organ that flushes toxins out of the body. It produces bile juice that aids in the breakdown of fats. It stores the sugar in the form of glucose to provide energy when needed; here are some recommendations to maintain healthy liver, No Read More
The recent developments in treating hemophilia

The recent developments in treating hemophilia

Hemophilia is a complex condition, and statistics show that India stands first place with the highest number of cases. Back in the day, life expectancy was only thirteen years. But with medical advancements now, there are Hemophilia treatments and medications Read More
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Current Development In Parkinson’s Treatment

Every 400 out of 1,00,000 people in India are affected by Parkinson’s disease. The majority of the patients are prescribed a combination of oral medication. With the evolution in science, many advancements have been made to bring the Parkinson’s Read More
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Recommendations To Build A Healthier Life For People

A healthy lifestyle is making healthy choices for a better life. It is important to be highly cautious and alert about what you eat and the kind of activities you perform every single day. Here are a few recommendations by specialists for a healthier life, Go Read More
Pulse Newsletter - APRIL 2022

Pulse Newsletter – APRIL 2022

Newsletter – April 2022 Dr. N. CHEZHIYAN MBBS., MD., DM (Nephrology) Consultant Nephrologist & HOD Dr. GANESH PRASAD MBBS, MS, MRCS(EDIN), MCH(Urology) Consultant Urologist Dr. MAHESH PALANIVELU MBBS, DO, DNB Opthalmologist Dr. P. KATHAMUTHU MS, DNB Read More
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Treatment of Tuberculosis with the Latest Advancements in Medicine

Tuberculosis is an airborne bacterial infection causative agent being the Mycobacterium tuberculosis. This bacteria is known to affect the pulmonary system of the body and the treatments also go back in the age. Vaccines have been introduced to control the Read More
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Pulse Newsletter – MARCH 2022

Newsletter – March 2022 Dr. P. GUHAN MBBS, MD, DMRT, DNB. DM Director/ Consultant Medical Oncologist Dr. B. NAGESWARARAJ MBBS, DMRT, DRM (BARC), FNM Consultant Nuclear medicine Dr. N. KRISHNA PRIYA MBBS, DMRT, DNB (RT) Radiation Oncologist Dr. K. Read More
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The Current Techniques to Treat Gynecological Issues

Gynecological issues are quite common among women and can be responsible for serious medical conditions. But due to the new age advancements, the gynecological department has undergone several changes, and new advancements have been made.  Minimal access Read More

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