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The Department of General Medicine deals with the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases afflicting adults. Also, known as ‘internal medicine’ it requires skilled diagnosticians to identify what is ailing the patient. Our General Physicians have decades of collective experience diagnosing and treating innumerable conditions.

We work with the best Doctors in Coimbatore who treat diseases such as hypertension to the waves of viral fevers that seasonally afflict our population to more dangerous conditions such as septic shock, our experts are trained to deal with every eventuality.

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What does general medicine mean in a hospital?
A general practitioner, or GP, is a medical doctor who specializes in a wide range of ailments that affect the body and whose primary treatment does not include surgery. Patients irrespective of age are treated by general practitioners, who are trained to do so.
Most people get high blood pressure over time. It can happen when people live in unhealthy ways, like not getting enough regular exercise. Some health problems, like diabetes and being overweight, can also make you more likely to get high blood pressure.
Fever is a natural process of the body fighting any foreign infection that has invaded the body. At times, having a fever also indicates a well-functioning immune system. But this is not always the case, if the fever stays for longer than expected or is associated with any signs, immediately visit a doctor as it can indicate an underlying condition.
Fever, also called pyrexia, is one of the common medical signs. It is defined by a measured body temperature that is higher than normal, which is caused by an increase in the thermoregulatory system's set point. This change in set-point makes the muscles tighter and gives you chills.
Hyperlipidemia is curable, however, it is frequently a chronic illness. You'll need to manage what you eat and exercise on a regular basis. You may also have to take a recommended drug. The goal is to reduce dangerous cholesterol levels.
Fever is a condition that increases the body temperature due to an invasion of a foreign particle. At times fever can indicate an underlying issue seeking medical help is always a better option. Fever is generally treated by a general medicine specialist, and if the fever is due to other reasons, the doctor may refer the patient to a specific department.


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