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The Department of General Medicine deals with the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases afflicting adults. Also, known as ‘internal medicine’ it requires skilled diagnosticians to identify what is ailing the patient. Our General Physicians have decades of collective experience diagnosing and treating innumerable conditions.

We work with the best Doctors in Coimbatore who treat diseases such as hypertension to the waves of viral fevers that seasonally afflict our population to more dangerous conditions such as septic shock, our experts are trained to deal with every eventuality.

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What does general medicine mean in a hospital?
A general practitioner, or GP, is a medical doctor who specializes in a wide range of ailments that affect the body and whose primary treatment does not include surgery. Patients irrespective of age are treated by general practitioners, who are trained to do so.
A wide range of acute and chronic disorders, including fever, asthma, heart disease, liver difficulties, hypertension, and neurological issues are dealt with by general practitioners in general medicine.
Finding the right general medicine specialist in a city like Coimbatore can be overwhelming. But we can help you, look for the reviews, and ratings; get references from your family, Sri Ramakrishna Hospital offers the best specialists in the city who offer the best treatment.


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