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The Department of General Medicine deals with the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases afflicting adults. Also, known as ‘internal medicine’ it requires skilled diagnosticians to identify what is ailing the patient. Our General Physicians have decades of collective experience diagnosing and treating innumerable conditions.

We work with the best Doctors in Coimbatore who treat diseases such as hypertension to the waves of viral fevers that seasonally afflict our population to more dangerous conditions such as septic shock, our experts are trained to deal with every eventuality.

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I have complaints of fever, chills, rigors, breathing difficulty, cough, cold what to do?
It can be due to viral or bacterial infection of respiratory system.
It could be due to infection of intestinal , Secondary due to bacterial or viral or parasite cause. It will take lots of fluid and healthy hydration.
Its common due to Diabetes mellitus check your blood sugar (FBS,PPBS) . Strictly Diet control and exercise to be needed. Consult your Physician for further treatment.
It could be due to viral infection or chikungunya or rheumatic fever. Consult your Physician for further treatment.
It could be due to disturbance in the cerebral circulation or ENT cause .It may be a warning sign of stroke . Immediately Consult your Physician for further treatment


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