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Vascular diseases are increasing due to change in lifestyle, food habits, smoking, hypertension and diabetes.

Our AIM is “Save the Limbs” from ulcer/amputation/pain.

“Mobility is life” Life is mobile .

Department of Vascular surgery comprises two of the best vascular surgeons in Coimbatore that deal with all vascular problem affecting the arteries, veins vascular malformation, lymph edema and diabetic related vascular problems.

We also Thrombolyse, Embolectomy, Thrombectomy, angioplasty and Stenting for acute limbs, Threatening Ischemia to prevent amputation of limbs.

Bypass surgery , Aorto iliac, Femoral popliteal, Femoro Femoral by pass surgeries for chronic ischemia using vein and vascular grafts for non healing ulcers and painful limbs.

For venous disorders-varicose vein we do ultra sound endovenous laser ablation ultra sound guided Microfoam sclerotherapy, Phelebotamy and perforator ligations short term procedure by 1 to 2 days hospital stay.

Department is dealing lymphedema, diabetic foot, vasculitis disease, post phlebitic venous disease swelling ulcer with modern methodology, aortic and peripheral arterial aneurysm repair AU access for haemodialysis.

Department is handled by the best vascular surgeons in Coimbatore with more than 20 years of experience in the field.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the main cause of vascular disease?
Main cause of vascular disease : Peripheral artery disease is often caused by atherosclerosis. In atherosclerosis, fatty deposits build up on your artery walls and reduce blood flow. Although discussions of atherosclerosis usually focus on the heart, the disease can and usually does affect arteries throughout your body.
Pale or bluish skin.
Lack of leg hair or toenail growth.
Sores on toes, feet, or legs that heal slowly or not at all.
Decreased skin temperature, or thin, brittle, shiny skin on the legs and feet.
Weak pulses in the legs and the feet.
Gangrene....These are the symptoms of vascular problems
Exercise. This is among the top methods for getting your blood flowing.
Stress management. When a patient has poor circulation, doctors often ask them about their stress levels.
Fluid intake.
Stopping smoking.
There's no cure for peripheral arterial disease (PAD), but lifestyle changes and medicine can help reduce the symptoms. These treatments can also help reduce your risk of developing other types of cardiovascular disease (CVD), such as: coronary heart disease. stroke.


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