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The Department of Neonatology at Sri Ramakrishna Hospital extends top quality care to neonates (both premature and sick full term) for a wide array of complex medical and surgical conditions. Our medical team administers the very latest in treatment and our NICU is state-of-the-art.

We strive to maintain international standards and great importance is given to infection-control practices which have led us to achieve excellent outcomes. We have great sub-specialty support from the departments of cardiology,  cardiothoracic surgery, paediatric surgery and radiology.

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How common jaundice is in newborn babies? Does it always require treatment?

Almost 20-50% of all newborns develop some jaundice in the first few days. But only 5-10% of them will require treatment. Treatment will be decided based on jaundice levels (bilirubin) which are usually tested on day 3 or 4 of babies. Most of the time this jaundice is harmless and is related to the baby's immature liver and does not cause any problem in the future. If it looks like a more serious problem, your doctor will be talking to you about it.

We advise : dry cord care. i.e

1. Do not apply anything on the umbilical cord before or after separation.
2. After the bath always dap it dry with a clean towel.
3. Tie diaper or nappy below the level of the stump. Do not allow them to touch the cord.
4. Wash hands always before handling the cord.
5. Do not apply any creams, ointments, powder, or homemade products over the cord.
6. meet your doctor immediately if there is any foul-smelling discharge, excessive bleeding, or redness around the cord.

A normal baby (good weight, no abnormalities on examination, and maintaining normal vital signs) will be handed over to the mother immediately after delivery. There will be complete rooming where the baby will be on the mother's side from birth except for taken for few minutes for weight, vaccines, and blood tests. Breastfeeding support will be offered. The Baby's temperature, heart rate, and breathing will be monitored periodically. Blood sugar will be tested when required. Vaccines and vitamin K injections will be given as per policy. After discussing with parents doctor will advise bilirubin and newborn screening tests after day 3 or 4. Hearing screening also will be done.

Not all babies require blood sugar testing. Blood sugar will be tested in a few babies who are at a higher risk of low blood sugar levels. Eg:

1. Babies born to mothers with diabetes.
2. Low birth weight babies (weight less than 2.5 Kg baby).
3. Babies who required NICU stay and were sick in the beginning.

Babies usually lose a maximum of 10% of their body weight in the first few days. They regain their birth weight by day 10. Babies will start gaining weight of 25-30 grams afterward when on optimal breastfeeding.


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