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SRI RAMAKRISHNA MULTISPECIALITY HOSPITAL caters to the medical needs of it’s patient through its 24 x 7 diagnostic wing (Department of Laboratory Services). The department has got the following divisions equipped with state-of-art equipments.

Facilities & Technology

The division is headed by Qualified Pathologists and work carried out by experienced Technicians in picking up various haematological malignancies and critical alerts.

The department is equipped with “SYSMEX CELL COUNTER” (XN 1000) (Seven Part Analyser). Analyser which is a state-of art equipment.

The department function 24 x 7 with state of art equipment like (Vitros 5600 Fully Automated Dry Chemistry Analyzer) that can handle upto maximum of 1500 tests in a hour. The Department is equipped with all the equipments that are at par with Global standards.

The Microbiology laboratory is well equipped to diagnose most of the infectious disease prevalent in the society. The diagnostics laboratory is well equipped with automated Bactec system for Blood culture and Chemiluminesence’s Micro Immuno Assay (CMIA) – Architect by Abbott for Serological diagnosis.

It offers diagnostic services to the hospital regarding Bacteriology, Mycobacteriology, Virology, Mycology, Parasitology, Immunology and Serology. It also carries out bacteriological analysis of water, theatre sterility checks, in house disinfectant testing and environmental surveillance. The laboratory participates regularly in external quality control programmes conducted by IAMM (Indian Association of Medical Microbiologists).

The serological division of the laboratory is equipped with Turbidimetry for diagnosis of various immunological diseases and State of the art equipment like Enhanced Chemiluminescence’s Immuno Assay for serodiagnosis of HIV, Hepatitis and other infectious diseases.

The laboratory facilities also provides a good opportunity for the teaching purpose for dental, nursing and various paramedical courses which are offered by the management.

Blood Transfusions plays an important role in a person’s life who needs blood during emergency situations like accidents, during child birth etc. The Blood Bank at Sri Ramakrishna Hospitals has been functioning since 1988 and was upgraded to a “Components Blood Bank” in the year 2000. The Blood Bank has got state of the art equipment for its smooth functioning.

The Blood Bank at Sri Ramakrishna Hospitals provides the following services :

  • Facilities for the issue of whole blood, packed red cells, fresh frozen plasma, platelet concentrate and platelet rich plasma round the clock.
  • Paediatric / Divided blood units.
  • Direct and Indirect Coombs test (Antiglobulin test) Autologous (Self Donations)

Some patients who are scheduled for elective surgery have the option of donating their own blood in our blood bank for temporary storage before it is transfused back to them during or after surgery. For those patients who are physically able to donate, autologous donation provides the safest and best matched blood for their transfusion.

In case of emergency situation our blood bank follows protocols according to the NACO guideline in issuing the required blood and blood products.

Tissue diagnosis plays a significant role in the treatment of various Oncological patients. The department effectively function with experienced pathologists and technicians.

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