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The dreaded heart attack is something most people are all too familiar with. Everybody knows somebody who has battled it and either survived or succumbed to it. Sri Ramakrishna Hospital’s Cardiologists are considered the Best Heart Specialists In Coimbatore.

The Department of Cardiology at Sri Ramakrishna Hospital is one of the finest in any private institution in the state. We have decades of experience dealing with every eventuality and complication resulting from myocardial infarction, multivessel disease, chronic total occlusion, and so on.

Our physicians are some of the Best Cardiologists In Coimbatore that have performed countless procedures such as

  • Angioplasties
  • Balloon valvotomies
  • Atrial septostomies and so on with great success

Internationally, the acceptable benchmark for a primary angioplasty is a time of 90 minutes from ‘door to balloon’. Our specialists average just 60 minutes for the same procedure, easily on par with international standards. We also offer a host of  Cardiac Implants for patients  who have need of them. In short, our cardiac care is of the finest quality.

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What is cardiology?
Cardiology is a medical facility of internal medicine that usually deals with heart disorders. Congenital heart defects, artery disease, electrophysiology, cardiac failure, and valvular heart disease are among the issues covered, as well as their diagnosis and treatment.
Your primary care physician may recommend you to a cardiologist if the severity of your risk factors appears to place you at high risk of heart attack or stroke, or if the lifestyle changes and medications you've been taking to control your risk factors haven't worked.
By touching your pulse, your doctor will be able to determine your heart rate and rhythm. Each pulse represents a heartbeat that pumps blood through your veins. Your pulse can be used by your doctor to assess the strength of your blood flow and blood pressure in different places of your body.
An electrocardiogram (ECG) is a painless and rapid examination that monitors the electrical signals in your heart. It can help in detecting irregular cardiac rhythms. An ECG can be done while you're resting or while you're working out (stress electrocardiogram).


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