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At Sri Ramakrishna Hospital, the Department of Psychiatry comprises of the best psychiatrists in Coimbatore that extend diligent, compassionate care towards those suffering from illnesses of the mind. Our experts are highly trained and have dealt with hundreds of mentally ill patients over the years with the greatest of sensitivity, compassion and care, guiding them towards better, happier and more stable lives.

We use the latest in international mental health techniques to diagnose and treat a host of conditions ranging from alcoholism and drug abuse to depression, psychosis and so on.

We aim to remove the societal stigma surrounding illnesses of the mind and behaviour and bring succour and relief to all people suffering from them and their caregivers.

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Is taking medication the only way to treat depression? Do you have to be on medications all your life for depression?
Medication management of depression is the most clinically and scientifically proven approach to treating depression.
The average duration of medication therapy for depression is 6 months from start to finish.
So the answer to your second question is NO!
The most common reason for drinking to become a regular habit/addiction/dependence and start to affect a person's marital, family, interpersonal and occupational function is either a depressed or anxious or combined state of mind.
If the affected person does have the determination and motivation to get professional help for his depression or anxiety and is motivated to stop drinking.
it would help us address the underlying causes that started the alcohol drinking habit/dependence and help the person reach a normal state of mind and thus help attain and maintain sobriety from alcohol
Your son probably has a thought disorder and seems no longer reality-based in his thinking.
Commonly seen in Schizophrenia. There are multiple medication options to help your son achieve a normal reality-oriented mental state and thought process. This will help him resume a normal life.
Your sister seems to suffer from OCD obsessive-compulsive disorder. Easily helped by an appropriate medication regimen and CBT...
Cognitive-behavioral therapy. Both available at our hospital.
Your child most likely has school phobia as well as an anxiety disorder.
Which can be successfully addressed with medications and therapy.
This will boost her self-confidence and help her to restart attending school.


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