Medical Director's Message

Dr.Isaac Christian Moses - M.D., (Gen.Med.) FICP., FACP (USA)

Dear Visitor,
Welcome to Sri Ramakrishna’s Hospital website

Sri Ramakrishna Hospital Coimbatore, has grown over the decades in leaps and bounds to provide medical services in this region. Abreast with rising demands and advancing avenues in medical sciences. it has provided services with pleasure because you give comfort, care and above all cure to someone who seeks you in distress. The SNR Hospital trust has been developing this facility with high-end infra structure and modern gadgets.

Well trained paramedical, staff nurses and physicians and surgeons who have commitment, skill expertise under their armory. In all fields of medicine Sri Ramakrishna Hospital has excelled and provided cure when possible. Today it provides equipments like VITROUS 5600, which provides platform for dry biochemistry, the Revolution CT, silent MRI and bi plane Cath lab which are premier equipments in this continent of Asia.

We look forward and hope to serve those who seek medical help from simple fevers or Blood dyscrasias, a Skin or Heart ailments, malignant disorders or disarrangement of any system of the human body. We are here to serve and will continue to serve for ages.

I wish you the very best of health, always.

Warm Regards,

Dr.Isaac Christian Moses
M.D., (Gen.Med.) FICP., FACP (USA)