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Laboratory Services

  • Round-the-clock testing services.
  • State-of-the-art diagnostic equipment wielded by experts.
  • Comprises of disciplines such as
    • clinical pathology,
    • clinical biochemistry and endocrinology,
    • coagulation,
    • microbiology,
    • serology,
    • histopathology,
    • immune histochemistry and cytology.
  • Participation in external quality assurance programs (of all disciplines).
  • The clinical biochemistry department is equipped with advanced, fully-automated analyzers.
  • Immunoassays (thyroid function tests, tumor markers, fertility hormones, insulin, etc) are assayed in fully automated immunoassay analyzers.
  • The clinical pathology section has fully automated urine analysis.
  • The hematology division is equipped with modern automated demagogy analysis.
  • The microbiology laboratory is equipped with the automated Bactec system for blood culture and offers diagnostics services in
    • bacteriology,
    • mycobacteriology,
    • virology,
    • mycology
    • parasitology
    • immunology and serology.
  • The serology division is equipped with Turbidmetry and uses advanced techniques such as enhanced Chemiluminiscence Immunoassay for diagnosis of various diseases.

The laboratory facilities are also used to facilitate and enhance the many teaching programs conducted by the hospital.


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