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The Department of Urology at Sri Ramakrishna Hospital have nearly four decades of experience and expertise in the field. Our surgeons are some of the best urologist in Coimbatore of the finest order and have performed literally thousands of procedures between them. For patients suffering from kidney stone disease, we have a host of treatments including the cutting-edge RIRS (Retrograde Intrarenal Surgery). Numerous patients have benefitted from our expertise at laparoscopic urologic surgery. Men suffering from erectile dysfunction can also explore penile prosthetic options in consultation with our surgeons. We work with the goal of delivering the best service, to be considered the best urology hospital In Coimbatore.

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Is LASER treatment for kidney stones available in your hospital?
LASER treatment is available in our Hospital.
No. Treatment for kidney stones decided on the basis of size and location of the stone, patient symptoms, and kidney function.
In men, the Prostate gland is located between the bladder and urinary passage ( Urethra ). Which is enlarged in the majority of the men above the age of 50 years.
Difficulty in passing urine, incomplete emptying of the bladder, night frequent urination, urinary urgency.
The majority of the patients do well with medical treatment. Some patients need endoscopic surgery ( TURP-Trans Urethral Resection of Prostate).
In Ramakrishna, we have state of art Holmium laser that helps in breaking down stone precisely with little side effects.
No, not at all. Based on disease severity and symptom assessment many can be managed medically.
In the majority of occasions, it's benign hyperplasia which is a non-cancerous condition but all prostate enlargements need a complete clinical workup.

It's possible to treat most kidney stones without surgery. In three to six weeks, ninety percent of stones pass by on their own. In this situation, pain relief is the only required treatment. Pain, however, can be so severe that it may require hospital admission and very powerful pain-relieving medication.

Signs and symptoms of acute kidney failure may include: decreased output of urine, although output of urine remains normal occasionally. Fluid retention, which causes your legs, ankles or feet to swell. Shortness of Breath .

After laser surgery, you can still feel pain. Most pain will possibly come from the stent if you have a stent between the kidney and the ureter, so it may rub on the kidney or bladder. It can also make you feel like you're going to have to urinate, which can lead to some blood in your urine.

Tissue protruding from the vagina. Difficulty urinating. A feeling that immediately after urinating, the bladder is not empty (incomplete voiding) Stress incontinence (urine leakage during sneezing, coughing, or exertion).


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