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Doctors at the Department of Gastroenterology at Sri Ramakrishna Hospital have immense experience dealing with the diagnosis and treatment of conditions of the digestive tract and liver.

The diseases of this part of the body are extensive and complex and we have an excellent team of Gastroenterology and Hepatologists working together to treat patients around the clock. We make use of the very latest technology and techniques to offer minimally invasive,laparoscopic surgical treatment to a number of patients. From gall bladder removal to hernia surgery, keyhole surgery has enabled thousands of our patients to recover quickly and continue living happy, healthy lives.

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Do you need to remove the gall bladder for gall bladder stones?
The treatment is the removal of gall bladder along with the stones.
Both open and laparoscopic method is acceptable. The choice depends on the Surgeon and patients.
yes, it could be viral obstruction of biliary passage and other rare causes.
The treatment is laparoscopic Appendicectomy.
No. it is done as an outpatient procedure.


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