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The Hidden Heroes of The Healthcare

Nurses are the unsung heroes and the backbone in the field of health and patient care. The nurses are compassionate and skilled professionals who have a pivotal role in ensuring the well-being of the patients making an indelible mark on the lives they care for. Nurses are the driving force behind delivering exceptional healthcare in every healthcare institution. Nurses also contribute to the largest number of professionals in healthcare.

Nurses are the primary caregivers who provide hands-on support to patients in diverse healthcare settings. They possess vast clinical knowledge encompassing disease management, medication administration, and deliver patient care by holistic approach.

Nurses are critical thinkers, action-takers, and problem solvers. Their contributions to healthcare are irreplaceable and extremely valuable. Without nurses, the healthcare system is not complete. Nurses play a huge role in the healthcare system. A nurse is a bridge between doctor and patient.

Beyond their medical proficiency, nurses also excel in establishing meaningful connections with patients. They exhibit unwavering empathy and compassion, allowing them to truly understand the physical and emotional needs of the patients under their care. Nurses serve as trusted confidants, offering solace and reassurance during the challenging times. Nursing is not an easy job. It is taxing and truly exhausting, both mentally and physically.

From the time they begin their shift to the time they finish it, the nurses are always on their feet. From caring for one patient to another, they do it without complaints. Nurses are good observers of their patients, and store the entire patient’s information in their memory and develop new ways to make their treatment more effective and efficient.

Nursing is a true calling. It’s a physically demanding position. Their selflessness is also reflected in their commitment to their patients.

The Department of Nursing at Sri Ramakrishna Hospital:

The nursing services of Sri Ramakrishna Hospital comprise 760 qualified nurses. As per the norms, the nurse-patient ratio is maintained as 1:1 in critical care areas, 1:5 in general wards and 1:3 in special areas. The placement of qualified nurses is based on competency, core competency and privileging. Team leaders with rich years of experience are posted in each ward and serve as mentors for the staff nurses. Highly qualified and experienced nurse educators are appointed for continuous education and training of all nursing personnel. Senior experienced Deputy nursing officers are deputed in each area. They all work under an adroit mentor, “The Chief Nursing Officer”. They are the pillars of the nursing service. Nurses are our strength.

Our Vision:

Providing quality, compassionate, excellent, and evidence-based nursing care with established standards of credible nursing practice.

Our Mission:

To provide exceptional, compassionate nursing care by developing knowledge and skills among the nursing personnels for the benefit of the community service.

From the Chief Nursing Officer’s Desk:

Nurses are considered the torch-bearers of the healthcare industry. At Sri Ramakrishna Hospital, the Nursing services have vastly grown in providing exceptional nursing care with utmost dedication.

In the intricate tapestry of healthcare, nurses stand as the catalysts of compassionate care and healing. At the core of nursing lies the art of human connection. Nurses possess an innate ability to empathize and listen to the needs of their patients. People can find solace in difficult times with just a kind word and touch. Nurses are also change agents who continuously adapt to the evolving dimensions of the healthcare industry. They collaborate with interdisciplinary teams, contributing their unique perspectives and insights to develop evidence-based practices that enhance patient outcomes.

When you are looking to build a career in Nursing, we recommend Sri Ramakrishna as our expertise in nursing goes back ages. We offer numerous opportunities to flourish in both personal and professional lives.


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