Preterm births: what why and how

2019-02-18   DR. SUJA MARIAM   

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Pregnancy and child birth are the most ordinary and yet extraordinary events in a family. All parents and their families have concerns and anxieties about their expected baby.

Successful Arterial Switch Operations

2018-07-11   Sri Ramakrishna   

We are happy to inform that 7 successful Arterial Switch Operations has been consecutively performed at our hospital. Arterial Switch Operation is one of the most complex Pediatric open heart surgeries, usually

A first of its kind Neurosurgical usage in Coimbatore City

2018-07-06   Sriramakrishna   

Neurosurgery has become safe with less morbidity, mortality from its origin to till date with evolution of technology like Operating Microscope, Neuro navigation and Anesthesiolo


Are the young safe from Heart disease?

2018-07-06   Sriramakrishna   

Coronary Artery Disease (CAD) occurs at a younger age in Indians with over 50% of CAD mortality occurring in individuals aged less than 50 years, and one-fourth of all acute Myoc

Case Reports

2018-07-06   Sriramakrishna   

A 32-year-old lady who was 28 weeks pregnant was referred from a Hospital at Ottanchathram on 23/10/16 with a history of watery per vaginal loss for the past 2 days. This was her


Case Report-2

2018-07-06   Sriramakrishna   

Thrombosis or clotting of blood in major vessels, particularly in the aorta, is very rare in neonates. We present an extremely small to date neonate who was diagnosed with descending aorta thrombosis at 72 hour

Diabetic Foot – An Emerging Pandemic

2018-07-06   Sriramakrishna   

Introduction Diabetic foot as defined by the World Health Organization is, ‘The foot of a diabetic patient that has the potential risk of pathologic consequences, including infection, ulceration, and/ or dest