strain and sprain-Sriramakrishnahospital

What is the Difference Between a Strain and a Sprain?

It is understandable why people mistakenly believe that sprains and strains are the same injury because, in addition to sharing a name, they also exhibit similar symptoms, such as inflammation and pain. A sprain and Click Here
hip joint replacement - Sriramakrishnahospital

What are the types of implant used at the best hip joint replacement hospital in Coimbatore?

Hip joint replacement surgery, also known as total hip arthroplasty, is a common procedure performed to relieve pain and restore mobility in individuals suffering from severe hip arthritis or injury. One crucial aspect Click Here
acl tear in knee - Sriramakrishnahospital

What Are The Effects of ACL Tear in Knee?

The knee is a joint that is highly important to go on with day to day activities. The knee joint is a complex network of tendons and ligaments. And these tendons and ligaments are supposed to stay in place to help to Click Here
people with disabilities - Sriramakrishnahospital

What are the Challenges Faced by the People with Disabilities?

Living with a disability presents a unique set of challenges that extend beyond the physical world. While significant progress has been made in terms of accessibility and inclusivity, many hurdles persist for Click Here
leg cramps-Sriramakrishnahospital

Sleep leg cramps and pain – What are the top 5 causes?

If you haven’t experienced sleep leg cramps or night cramps as commonly you may experience it at some point in your life. Even though it has various names it is never a pleasant experience. Night cramps are completely Click Here
Ligament Reconstruction - Sriramakrishnahospital

What is Difference Between Ligament Reconstruction and Repair?

One of the four important ligaments in the knee is the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL). It helps keep the rotational stability of the knee and keeps the shinbone (tibia) from moving in front of the thigh bone (femur). Click Here
Indications For Total Hip Replacement - Sriramakrishnahospital

Hip Replacement Surgery: A Life-Changing Experience in Coimbatore

Hip replacement – what is it defined as: Hip replacement, also referred as hip arthroplasty, is a medical surgery that helps in relieving pain in the hip. Through the surgery, the parts of the hip joint that are Click Here
Bone and Joint Hospital - Sriramakrishnahospital

Bone and Joint Hospital: Do you need it?

Many people are confused about when or if they require the services of an orthopedic surgeon, or where to find one if they do. Some people avoid seeing orthopedic doctors out of fear that they would be put “under Click Here
Abrasion Arthroplasty for Knee - Sriramakrishnahospital

Understanding Abrasion Arthroplasty for Knee-Procedure and Recovery

Damage to the articular cartilage that is found within the knee joint can result in a variety of chronic and excruciating symptoms, including swelling and stiffness in the knee. It is well established that problems with Click Here
lower back pain

How long does a lower back pain last?

The lumbar spine, or low back, is made up of bones, joints, nerves, ligaments, and muscles that work together to provide support, strength, and flexibility. However, this complicated structure makes the low back more Click Here
Knee pain Treatment in Coimbatore - Sri Ramakrishna Hospital

5 complications that may occur if you neglect your knee pain

Knee discomfort that lasts for months or years is a regular occurrence. It can occur for various reasons, making it difficult to walk and operate in daily life. The knee joint is a complex part of the body, and a Click Here


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