3 Recommendations to Heart Patients

3 Health Recommendations To Heart Patients - Sri Ramakrishna Hospital

It cannot be emphasized enough that the heart is among the most vital organs for the body. There are millions of heart patients across the world. This means the occurrence of heart ailments is alarmingly high. However, people with heart problems must not lose hope. There are ways to care for your heart. Every best heart doctor should encourage their heart patients to follow these easy tips to dodge heart complications: 

1) Laughter Therapy for a Healthy Heart

A good, hearty laugh every day is essential for all and not just heart patients. Laughter is therapeutic for both physical and mental health. It pleases the mood and improves the immune and vascular systems. And, there are no ‘side effects’ of laughter therapy! So, laugh more often and frown less to keep your heart healthy.

2) Aerobic Exercise to Strengthen the Heart

Aerobic exercises oxygenate the heart and improve the pumping of blood. Swimming, cycling, brisk walking, dancing, hiking, etc., are some effective aerobic exercises. 30 minutes of aerobic/cardiovascular exercises at least five days a week are highly recommended for heart patients. Within a few weeks, you will notice fewer heart palpitations, lowered blood pressure, better functioning of lungs such as easy breathing, and many other benefits.

3) Keep Diabetes Under Check

Diabetes is known to cause or aggravate heart problems. Uncontrolled levels of blood sugar have damaging effects on the blood vessels and nerves controlling the heart. Hence diabetic people often suffer from high blood pressure and cholesterol problems. Also, diabetes patients are more prone to suffer heart failure. Therefore, it is important to have a diet plan especially curated for diabetes and heart problems. Eating healthy every day manages regular blood sugar and prevents heart conditions from aggravating.


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