Breastfeeding Techniques to Recommend to Your Patients

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The joy of watching a new life come into this world is inexplicable. When a child is born, a mother is born too! Breastfeeding establishes that eternal bond between a mother and her child and creates a sense of belonging for the newborn. Most first-time mothers are anxious, worried, overwhelmed, and tired to breastfeed their little ones and look up to you for guidance. Here are some breastfeeding techniques that you can recommend to your patients!

There is No One Right Way to Breastfeed!

There isn’t a perfect position to breastfeed a baby. The ‘best’ position is when the mother and her baby both are comfortable, and the baby can latch on to suckle. Few techniques that you can recommend are:

  • The Cradle Hold
  • The Crossover Hold
  • The Football Hold
  • Reclining Position

Handy Tips for New Mothers

The primary goal is to allow the baby to get a good latch. Irrespective of the breastfeeding technique opted by mothers, here are some instructions you must always give them:

  • Always sit in a chair or in a position where you can support yourself and your baby.
  • Avoid hunching or bending towards the baby to prevent a painful back.
  • Always alternate between breasts while feeding.
  • Take adequate care of the nipples to prevent chapped or cracked skin. Keep them well-moisturized.

Encourage proper breastfeeding techniques in new mothers to enable them to raise healthy children of the future!

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