Doctor’s Guide for a Successful IVF

IVF treatment in Coimbatore

IVF is a prominent method of ART (ART). IVF’s rapid expansion has given hope to many infertile couples. 10-15% of married couples in India have infertility issues, according to a survey.

Maintaining The Best Weight:

Your chances of having IVF work depend on your Body Mass Index (BMI). Being obese (BMI>35) or underweight (BMI19) can make it twice as hard to get pregnant and four times as hard to get pregnant, respectively.

Keeping Stress Levels At Bay:

Stress, which is bad for the reproductive system, can make it harder to get pregnant. To stop thinking about your fertility treatment, you need to take time each day to relax.

Maintaining Safe Distance From Tobacco:

Smoking hurts the quality of both the egg and the sperm, which makes it less likely that IVF will work. Quitting smoking isn’t easy, and sometimes people need a lot of help from their friends, family, and health care providers.

It is important to follow a healthy lifestyle in order to undergo a successful IVF procedure without any trouble.

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