Let’s Beat Diabetes : Top 5 Preventive Measures for Diabetes

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1. Physical Activity

There are numerous benefits of daily physical exercise. Exercise will help:

  • Lose your weight.
  • Lower the sugar level in your blood.
  • Boost your insulin sensitivity — which ensures your blood sugar is within a healthy range.

Evidence indicates that resistance training and aerobic exercise can help regulate diabetes.

2. Fibre-rich Diet

Fibre will help you out by:

  • Reducing the chances of diabetes by enhancing blood sugar regulation
  • Lowering the risk of heart attack
  • Promoting weight loss by helping you to feel full

3. Whole Grains

Most whole-grain foods are ready to eat, like different breads, pasta items, and cereals. Seek out the word “whole” in the packaging and among the first few things in the list of ingredients.

4. Losing Extra Weight

If you are overweight, the prevention of diabetes can rely on weight loss. Participants in one big study who lost about 7 percent of their original body weight and regularly exercised lowered the likelihood of developing diabetes by about 60%.

5. Make Healthier Choices

Low-carbohydrate diets, glycemic index diets or other fad diet plans might help you lose weight at first. However, their success in combating diabetes and their long-term consequences are not known.

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