Quit Guide | 7 Reasons to Quit Tobacco Today!

smoking is injurious to health

1. Cancer

Tobacco use leads to 40% of all adult cancers in India. This is extremely significant considering that cancer causes 6% of total adult deaths in the nation. 

2. Dull Sense of Smell

Smoking tobacco will severely disable your sense of smell and impair your olfactory senses. Smokers who give up smoking will start to realize that food tastes significantly better as they recover their damaged sense of smell.

3. Ageing 

Smoking will make you age beyond your years. From spots on your face because of tobacco toxin to wrinkles on your skin due to lack of oxygen in the tissues of your skin.

4. Impotence

Long-term smoking is extremely harmful as it can totally shut off the blood flow to the genitals and induce permanent impotence.

5. Susceptibility to Infections

Our trachea is lined with tiny hairs called cilia, which shield us from infection. Smoking cigarettes will debilitate this protective system and make smokers susceptible to colds, viral flu, and other bacterial infections.

6. Affects Physical Activity

Smoking will put unnecessary pressure on your heart and your lungs. Smoking combined with a sedentary life can also become a risk factor for lifestyle problems such as hypertension.

7. Heartburn

Chain-smoking will also enhance the risk of experiencing complications such as acid reflux/gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD).

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