What are the Signs of Unhealthy Heart?

Unhealthy Heart- sri Ramakrishna Hospital

An unhealthy heart is one of the most severe health concerns with which the entire world is dealing. Especially the ones who are already suffering from other health issues as well, such as sleep problems, high cholesterol, diabetes, or have already faced a minor or severe heart attack.  

Health Risks Associated with a Weak Heart

Heart Failure 

If the heart is not operating according to its normal procedure, there is a possibility that it won’t be able to pump enough blood and also lead to its complete operation failure. 

Heart Attacks 

If you have already suffered a heart attack and have been able to overcome it, remember that its recurrence can be extremely dangerous as it is caused because of blocked arteries. 

Heart Strokes 

A heart stroke happens when your blood flow from the heart to your brain is impaired, disrupted, or ceased due to any issue.

Coronary Heart Disease 

Yet another heart problem that can be fatal to your life, CHD, happens when there is a development of plaque inside the coronary arteries in your heart. It has the tendency to kill people who are suffering from heart disease

Symptoms of an Unhealthy Heart

Mentioned below are a few visible and invisible signs of an unhealthy heart that you may be ignoring:

  • Chest discomfort 

The most common and early signs of heart disease, if you have any artery blocked or are likely to have a heart attack, you may feel pain, tightness, and even some amount of pressure on your chest. 

  • Uneasiness and digestive issues 

Nausea, uneasiness, indigestion, heartburn, and stomach pain are also signs that warn you about the health of your heart. It more likely occurs in women compared to men, and it is common for people to think of these as common and harmless health issues. But if it happens often, it is important you visit your best heart doctor immediately. 

  • A spreading pain towards your arm 

Pain in your arm is one of the classic heart attack symptoms that indicate your heart is screaming for attention. 

  • Tiredness and feeling fatigued easily 

If you feel tired and fatigued suddenly after doing a chore that you have often been doing in the past, such as running, climbing the stairs, doing weights, or a strenuous workout that used to be easy for you, it is suggested that you connect with Best Heart Doctor and get yourself checked. 

  • Sweating profusely 

If you are sweating profusely for absolutely no reason, it is a direct signal of a heart attack, and you need to call the Best Heart Specialist Hospital In Coimbatore or anywhere near you. 

  • Irregular heartbeat 

Your heart can race for so many reasons or even skip a beat once in a while, but if it is beating out of time or more in just a few seconds, it is an alarming fact, and you need to connect to Heart Specialist Hospital, get in touch with a doctor and get yourself checked. 

  • Shortness of breath 

As we know, the lungs are responsible for inhaling and exhaling parts, and it is unnoticed when working properly, but when it will stop working, we will absolutely realize it as the shortness of breath will not let us breathe properly. Breathing issues can occur due to many reasons and not just heart disease, but this particular symptom is anyways lethal and needs immediate medical attention from the best heart doctor. 

If you notice any of the above signs, visit the best heart specialists and doctors in Coimbatore without further delay and seek further treatment.

Unhealthy Heart - Sriramakrishnahospital

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