Why Has Heart Attack Become Common In Exercising People?

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In recent times, we have heard several news stories about people getting heart attacks while exercising or while in the gyms. Back in the day, people worked out in the gym to achieve an ideal body and weight to look appealing and also to fit in their favorite clothes. 

The recent cases of heart attacks while exercising has left people confused and worried about hitting the gym. The statistics show that India is more prone to heart attacks while compared to other countries. 

What might be the possible causes of heart attacks while exercising or even in physically fit looking individuals?

Gyms and exercises are usually linked to being healthy and fit. But in certain cases doing exercises can harm you more rather than benefit. To understand the various reasons for heart attacks while exercising read on below,

Heavy and straining exercises:

In this world of instant things now almost everything has become instant, the majority of the people look for instant health and fitness. And without proper awareness people perform heavy and straining exercises that may put the body in much stress. Performing high-intensity that doesn’t suit the body leading to heart attacks while exercising or even after. 

Increased blood pressure:

When you start exercising it is completely normal for your body to have a sudden increase in the blood pressure, and in healthy individuals after a certain time it comes back to normal. But in a few people it may not come back to normal leading to heart attacks while exercising. 

Undiagnosed heart issues and blockages:

The young almost never get their health checked unless there is a need. This is even related to adults. As a result people are not aware of their health condition and hit the gym to perform strenuous exercises. With blocked vessels, and an unhealthy heart, performing heavy exercises blood flow can be difficult leading to heart attacks while exercising. Consult the best cardiologist in Coimbatore to know what works the best for your body. 

What might be other possible reasons for heart attacks while exercising?

There are various reasons that may contribute to heart attacks while exercising, specially when people have habits like:

  • Smoking: 

Nowadays most youth smoke and engage in unhealthy habits, these habits can directly impact the health of the heart.

  • Unhealthy or poor diet:

Meat, especially red meat is filled with trans and saturated fats and it can increase the risk of heart attacks. When taken in larger quantities along with processed food and junk can double the chance of heart attacks while exercising. 

  • Obesity:

Obese or overweight people generally have narrow blood vessels and performing heavy exercises can make the blood flow difficult leading to heart attacks while exercising. 

  • Diabetes:

In people with unmanaged diabetes can lead to heart attacks, when dealing with diabetes it is important to get doctor’s advice on the kind of exercises you can perform. 

In general people before hitting the gym or even exercising it is important to get  doctor’s advice as sometimes not all health concerns show on the outside. It would be beneficial to undergo routine health checkup to ensure the health is in check. 

What are the signs and symptoms of heart attack while exercising?

There are various common signs of heart problems while exercising that may show up. Chest pain while exercising is the most common symptom that people show before a heart attack while exercising.

Few other common signs of heart problems while exercising include:

  • Chest pain after exercising
  • Nausea
  • Severely gasping for breath
  • Dizziness
  • Excessive sweating

If you find someone showing these symptoms, provide them with cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) as it can help save lives. While dealing with a heart attack every second matters.

What are the tips to follow to prevent a heart attack alongside exercising?

Don’t push yourself off the limits, know your limits:

It is important to know your limits of the body, and how far you can go. If you overdo the exercises you can strain your body and increase the risk of heart attacks while exercising. 

Stay updated about your health:

Get constant advice from the doctor and get yourself checked regularly to ensure your health is in shape. Follow a healthy routine for a healthy heart with the right guidance from the doctor. 

Know when you need to stop: 

Stop right away, take a break, and go to the gym trainer if you feel any form of pain in any part of your body, especially if it is chest pain while exercising, shortness, dizziness, excessive perspiration, or anything else comparable. Additionally, stay away from the gym on the day you are sick or have a fever.

Stay sufficiently hydrated:

Exercise is crucial, but so is keeping an eye on your body! Exercise may lead you to perspire, which could dehydrate your body. Just keep in mind to stay hydrated. Regularly hydrate your body by drinking water or other beverages.

Get enough sleep:

Nowadays, sleep deprivation is widespread. Nobody wants to give their bodies the rest they require. The average adult body needs 7-8 hours of sleep per day. Even while you might not initially feel fatigued from getting less sleep, you are definitely putting your body at great risk of harm by doing so.

The stress hormones need to be controlled by our body. Heart health is more at risk when sleep is lacking.

Eat a heart healthy diet:

Even if you are not ever diagnosed with heart issues, it is important to consume a heart healthy diet to reduce your chances of getting a heart attack. 

Can gyms cause heart attacks?

While working out in the gym can be a great method to maintain your health and fitness, for a few people, it may also increase your risk of having heart attacks while exercising. 

Exercise can help lower your risk of cardiovascular disease, but there are specific situations where you should proceed with caution. We’ll talk about the dangers of working out at the gym and how you may shield yourself from injury.

When should you seek medical help for heart attacks?

It’s crucial to take any chest discomfort you may feel after working out seriously and to get medical attention if necessary. 

Nausea, shortness of breath, dizziness, sweating, and intense chest pain that doesn’t go away with rest are all indications of a heart attack. If you encounter any of these signs while exercising or right after, reach out to a heart attack treatment hospital in Coimbatore

Important Takeaway:

Exercise needs to be taken seriously, particularly if a cardiovascular problem already exists. 

The likelihood of having a heart attack while exercising in the gym can be significantly decreased by keeping healthy habits like eating well and exercising frequently. 

Regular health check-ups and being aware of cardiovascular disease signs and symptoms, especially when exercising or participating in sports, will also help prevent serious repercussions if not addressed seriously as soon as possible.

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