5 Common Injuries in Car Accidents and How to Treat Them

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Accident itself is a term that is associated with fear and trauma, car accidents are the harsh reality of the road. If you are someone who has been in an accident you might know how traumatic it can be. The distress may not settle until several hours or days after the accidents. Sometimes even with the best precautions we cannot prevent accidents. But it is important to understand that not all accidents cause injuries, while a few may lead to severe injuries which might require immediate medical attention. 

How does the severity of a car accident vary?

Car accidents or vehicle accidents experience may be different in different people, similarly the level of injuries may also vary but there are some common car accident injury . Here are some aspects severity may depend upon:

  • If you are wearing a seat belt
  • If it was a low-speed or high-speed crash
  • If the airbag was deployed
  • In which direction the vehicle got hit

What are the common injuries in car accidents?

There can be several injuries when you get involved in a vehicle accident or car accident. But the majority of injuries are of two types, impact and penetrating. 

Here are some of the most common injuries in car accident:


This is one of the most common injuries, and it is caused by the force back and forth movement of the neck like a whip, hence it is termed as “whiplash”. This can cause straining of the muscles. Few common symptoms of whiplash include:

  • Stiffness and pain in the neck
  • Blurred vision
  • Dizziness
  • Headaches
  • Concentration difficulties
  • Ringing in the ears
  • Fatigue

The above mentioned symptoms usually occur within the 24 hours after the common car accident injury.

What are the treatment options for whiplash injury?



Avoiding strenuous activities and exercises that can worsen the pain.

Pain medications:

Prescribed pain medications can bring you relief from immense pain. Talk to your orthopedic or emergency doctor in Coimbatore to get help if your pain is unbearable. 

Ice application:

A cold compress can work wonders in calming the inflammation. Apply an ice pack for about 15 to 30 minutes several times a day to reduce the inflammation and pain. 

Physical therapy:

Try simple exercises as recommended by your physiotherapist to get relief from pain and also remember not to over strain your neck muscles. 


A concussion is a type of traumatic brain injury that is usually caused by a sudden jolt, bump, blow in the head. This can result from hitting the steering wheel, dashboard, or even side panel. Here are the common symptoms of concussion:

  • Dizziness 
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Headache 
  • Sensitive to light or sound
  • Difficulty in concentrating
  • Confusion 
  • Memory troubles 
  • Blurred vision
What are the treatment options for a concussion?

Usually the first line of treatment for a concussion involves taking rest. Avoiding high intensity exercises, for both physical and mental health is important for the brain to recover properly. You can talk to your emergency doctor if you have a headache as they may prescribe pain medications.

It is important to monitor for any worsening symptoms like severe headache, frequent vomiting, or confusion, which could indicate an underlying serious brain injury that might require immediate medical treatment. 

Broken bones:

In severe impact car accidents, broken bones are usually common. Much specifically broken ankles are highly reported in car accidents. Majority of the time, these broken bones require surgery and the implant of rods, plates, and screws may be involved. Not only ankle bones tere can be multiple bones that can be broken based on the type of impact during a car accident. If possible provide first aid for car accidents as I can help in providing temporary relief and avoid further worsening of the injury.

The common symptoms of broken bones:
  • Intense and shooting pain at the injured site
  • Bruising 
  • Swelling 
  • Difficulties in walking and bearing weight
  • Visible deformities at the injured site
What are the treatment options for broken bones?

Usually the treatment for broken bones, depends on the severity of the injury, and the treatment options include:

  • Immobilization:

This could involve a cast or a splint to keep the bone fragments in place while they heal. 

  • Pain medication:

While treating broken bones, managing pain is important. Talk to your orthopedic doctor to get prescribed medications for pain management.

  • Surgery:

In some cases, surgery might be necessary to repair the fractures or insert pins or plates for stabilization for a complete recovery after car accidents

Soft tissue injuries:

Damage to the tendons, ligaments, and muscles is referred to as soft tissue injury. These injuries can occur due to sudden twists or impacts caused due to an accident. Common soft tissue injuries include:

  • Sprains: Tearing and stretching of ligaments
  • Strains: Tearing and pulling of muscles
  • Tendinitis: Inflammation of the tendons
The common symptoms of soft tissue injuries:
  • Tenderness 
  • Swelling
  • Pain
  • Bruising
  • Limited range of motion
What are the different treatment options for soft tissue injuries?

Rest, ice, compression, and elevation can help in reducing pain and inflammation.

Pain medications:

In case your pain seems to be unbearable, reach out to your orthopedic doctor or an emergency specialist to get prescribed pain killers that work wonders for your pain.


Braces might be recommended for severe sprains or strains to restrict movement and promote healing. 

Physical therapy:

You can try to perform mild exercises recommended by a physiotherapist that help strengthen the tissues and help in flexibility.

Spinal cord injury:

A spinal cord injury may include several injuries like dislocation or fractures. This damage may be one or more vertebrae that might affect several functions of the body. Depending on the severity and the location of the injury the spinal injury treatment may be recommended to avoid complications like paralysis. 

The most common signs of spinal cord injuries include:
  • Body spasms
  • Loss of sensations
  • Stinging or sharp pain in the injury site

In case you have been in an accident, reach out to an emergency care hospital in Coimbatore, to seek immediate diagnosis and look for any further injuries that might have occurred during a car injury.

Important Takeaway:

Car accidents or accidents in general usually occur when least expected and usually out of the blue. It is important to follow certain precautionary tips while driving as it can ensure your safety as well as others. And it is not necessary that symptoms may show immediately after the accident, few symptoms show up a little late, hence keeping an eye is important. 

common car accident injury - Sriramakrishnahospital

Frequently Asked Questions

Can pain get worse after car accident?
You may not experience pain immediately after the accident and pain can get worse or better with time depending on the injury. In case you feel your pain is worsening or you experience a new pain after a care accident, you should see a doctor promptly. Medical care is the only method to correctly discover, diagnose, and treat the root of your delayed pain. Without medical treatment, your injury could get worse over time.
Experiencing pain is a typical consequence of being involved in a car accident. Although you might not immediately feel any discomfort it is crucial to consult with a doctor to exclude any problems. Generally the pain tends to diminish within a weeks. In certain situations, it can persist for an extended period of time.
Stretching and mild exercise are helpful techniques to aid the body's recovery after a period of inactivity. Stretching offers numerous benefits for the healing process. The first and most important step is to seek medical assistance after the accident. Even if you do not experience any acute pain or discomfort, it is critical to seek a full checkup from urgent care physicians in Sri Ramakrishna Hospital in Coimbatore.
Sri Ramakrishna Hospital in Coimbatore offers a comprehensive approach to car accident treatment. They not only treat emergency medical needs, but also provide rehabilitation programs to help patients heal and rehabilitate. This holistic approach aids patients in regaining physical strength, functionality, and general well-being.
Sri Ramakrishna Hospital in Coimbatore has a professional who specializes in assisting individuals who have been involved in car accidents. They provide medical guidance, legal support, and emotional assistance to ensure that victims receive the help they need to recover physically, emotionally, and financially.

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