What are the 5 health benefits of circumcision surgery?

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The part of the foreskin that covers the head of the penis is surgically removed during circumcision. Most infants are circumcised shortly after birth. Back in the day, circumcision was a religious practice. Circumcision is done today for religious, medical, and cultural reasons. Along with this, there are various benefits of circumcision surgery that can be helpful in the long run.

What is referred to as the foreskin on the penis?

The foreskin is the skin that covers the penis’s rounded tip. The foreskin is entirely linked to the penis during birth. Over time, the foreskin detaches from the penis’s head and can be retracted or drawn back. Occasionally the foreskin fails to separate and remains stiff, which is known as phimosis. Typically, further operation or circumcision is required to treat phimosis.

What are the different signs that indicate the need for circumcision?

  • A white ring surrounding the penis head
  • Difficulty in urinating and retraction after
  • Foreskin that is stuck
  • Redness and swelling
  • Foul-smell that lingers

What are the different types of circumcision surgery?

Let us look at the different types of circumcision surgery available so that you can better understand why modern techniques are preferable to more traditional ones.

Open circumcision surgery:

Getting a circumcision is usually done through open surgery. In medical terms, the dorsal slit technique is another name for open surgery. 

In this procedure, the doctor cuts along the top of the foreskin and then pulls it off. This exposes the glans penis. Open surgery is considered quite a complicated procedure. 

This circumcision recovery time following open surgery is rather long. It takes approximately four to five weeks to recover completely, during which you may not be allowed to perform any physical activity.

ZSR Circumcision:

Some experts also call this kind of circumcision a stapler circumcision. A circular stapler is used to do the circumcision, which is a safe procedure with a high success rate. ZSR is a more advanced way of getting a circumcision than open surgery.

This circumcision surgery involves lesser operative time and causes less pain.

Laser Circumcision:

There have been a lot of changes in technology and medicine over the past few decades. Because of the improvements, medical procedures have changed, with each new one being easier and better than the last. 

Laser circumcision is one of these newer types of surgery. Laser circumcision is the most effective way to get a circumcision in present times. It is a cutting-edge method.

Laser circumcision doesn’t make big cuts or incisions in the foreskin as ZSR circumcision, and open circumcision does. Instead, the surgeon uses a high-intensity laser beam to remove the layer of the foreskin in this procedure. The process does not involve much pain, and bleeding is also not seen. The laser beam only affects the foreskin, and no neighboring tissues are impacted. This laser circumcision is a highly safe procedure to undergo by all age groups. 

Can adults undergo circumcision surgery?

Yes, adult circumcision is an option for those who were not circumcised as infants. The method is generally identical for older boys, adults, and infants.

The surgery will likely be performed in a hospital under anesthesia. The procedure may take slightly longer for adolescents than for infants. Moreover, you will require stitches following the circumcision.

How to prepare before a circumcision?

The doctor may prescribe giving certain medications to help manage pain. Before performing the circumcision treatment  process, the circumciser will usually,

  • Make the baby sleep on the back.
  • The legs and hands of the baby are gently restrained so that they move during the procedure.
  • The doctor will carefully clean the area of the surgery.
  • An anesthetic injection or topical cream is given to manage the pain.

Is undergoing circumcision a painful process?

Like any other medical operation, circumcision can also be associated with slight pain. Yet the doctor might provide anesthesia and medications to manage the pain during and after the procedure.

What are the 5 health benefits of  circumcision surgery?

There are more than five health benefits of circumcision surgery, yet the below are considered the most important.

  • Reduces the risk of prostate cancer:

The risk of prostate cancer in men who get circumcised after age 35 was reduced by 45 percent when they had the procedure performed at that age. For men who have been circumcised within the age of one, the risk of prostate cancer can be decreased by about 14 percent.

  • Reduced risk of being affected by HIV:

Men who have had their circumcision may have a lower chance of contracting some sexually transmitted diseases, such as HIV. However, practicing safe sex is equally important.

  • Reduced risk of urinary tract infections:

Although men have a minimal chance of developing urinary tract infections, these illnesses are more common in males who have not been circumcised. Infections of a severe nature that occur in childhood might sometimes result in kidney difficulties quite later.

  • Preventing penile issues:

In rare cases, the uncircumcised foreskin might be extremely challenging or even impossible to retract (phimosis). This can cause inflammation of the penis head or the foreskin of the male reproductive tract.

  • Reduced risk of penile cancers:

Although cancer of the penis is extremely uncommon, circumcised males have a lower risk of developing the disease.

Who is not eligible for not circumcision surgery?

If any of the following apply to the child, the doctor might advise either postponing it or avoiding it altogether:

  • Prematurely born babies
  • Certain medical conditions
  • Specific physical concerns.

How long is the recovery from the circumcision surgery?

After the circumcision procedure, the healing process typically takes at least 10 days to heal. You will most likely be recommended to take at least an entire week.

What are the few tips that help in circumcision recovery?

Circumcision recovery may depend on the type of circumcision chosen; laser circumcision may take comparatively lesser time when compared to other types as there are no big incisions involved. Here are a few circumcision healing tips that can help.

  • Clean the area regularly to keep it away from infections, and ensure to pat it dry.
  • Cover it with a thin and sterile cloth.
  • For the first few days or until advised, avoid doing any strenuous activities.
  • In case any topical cream is prescribed, make sure to apply it on a clean surface.

Can circumcision procedures affect fertility in men?

Circumcision shows no proof of affecting fertility in men and does not cause fertility issues in women. 

Is passing urine after circumcision painful?

Because the incision is not made in the area where the urine exits the body, the circumcision will not be harmed by urine, and it should not be painful when urinating. Urine is sterile and does not in any way contribute to the spread of illnesses. On the first day or two after surgery, it is not unusual to notice minimal bleeding coming from the incision. 

Is it fine if men choose not to get circumcised?

There are a lot of people who don’t have any issues as a result of having an uncircumcised penis. It is possible to avoid the majority of the issues that result from having an uncircumcised penis by maintaining a high level of personal hygiene. It is advised to speak to the doctor to understand the various benefits of circumcision surgery before making a decision.

Can you immediately walk after circumcision?

Immediately following surgery, you should limit your activity level as much as possible for the first three days. No further exercise is permitted, though the experts recommend getting up and walking around for a few minutes every few hours to help blood circulation.

Important Takeaway:

The practice of circumcision of newborns is extremely common. One of the many benefits of circumcision surgery is maintaining good hygiene of the penis. Other benefits of circumcision surgery include lessening the risk of various cancers and also sexually transmitted diseases. Talk to your doctor to understand the benefits of circumcision treatment and make an informed decision.

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