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Pregnancy is the stage in every woman’s life, they undergo many changes both physically and mentally. You need to be prepared to pass through the changes. Like you take care of the baby inside your womb for 9 months, similarly, after the delivery you should look after yourself with utmost care. As your body changes rapidly after the delivery, Postpartum care cannot be ignored. Postpartum is usually the first six weeks after the child’s birth. It is generally an overwhelming period as this is the time you bond with your baby and adjust yourself to the changes and take up new challenges every day, as parenting is a learning phase. 

Every day there’s something to learn and look up to. Especially new mothers find it very confusing as they embark on this journey. This phase may be tiring, emotional, and irritating as the baby needs your complete attention and care to be fed always and changed frequently. This results in sleepless long hours making you feel tired the whole day. Pregnancy can be a tiring process, ensuring to choose the best Pregnancy Care Centre to make the whole process hassle-free.

Essential Postpartum Care Tips for New Mothers

Get Plenty of rest:

It is usually said to sleep while the baby sleeps, it’s when you put your body to rest. Try to sleep whenever the baby is asleep as it helps you to stay awake in the night without ending up feeling tired.

Ask for Help:

Seek help whenever you feel like you need a hand help. Ask your family or friends to help manage daily chores this way you can find time to sleep. Practical help can make a huge difference in helping you cope.

Balanced Diet:

Apart from taking rest, you should ensure to take the proper diet suggested by your doctor depending on your body’s requirements. Make you take all the necessary nutrients and vitamins that your body requires to heal and grow.


Not everybody is allowed to exercise during the postpartum. Consult a Gynae specialist if you want to exercise. Avoid doing strenuous exercise and remember to take it slow.

Few people experience baby blues which is pretty common. Blues involve unexplained crying, extreme mood swings, restlessness, insomnia, and sadness. People usually mix up between baby blues and postpartum depression. Baby blues fade away with time, but postpartum depression sticks with you for a long time. It may affect at any point even until one year of childbirth. 

Postpartum depression shows signs of severe mood swings, behavioral changes, and getting detached from your family, especially your baby. The feeling of guilt and unworthiness. And if symptoms last for more than a week immediately consult a doctor who can help you come out with treatment and counseling. As much as the baby requires care you also require care. 

Physical changes are quite visible during this phase. You gain a considerable amount of weight during the process. Never be in a rush to shed all the extra pounds. Talk to your doctor about when you can start exercising and start accordingly. Losing weight should also include your diet with all the necessary nutrients required. Weight loss does not happen in a day, keep patience and have faith in the whole process. 


Breast swelling or breast engorgement is mainly due to increased blood flow and milk. It can be a little uncomfortable. To soothe the pain, apply a cold press or any cream to calm the soreness and cracks. Breastfeeding can help you in gaining pregnancy weight as they burn a lot of calories

Uterine cramps:

It is common as the stretched uterus tends to get back to normal size during this period. During the shrinking, you may experience mild to severe cramps depending on your body. Reach out to your Gynaecologist in Coimbatore for any medications.


Vaginal spotting is common for the first two to three weeks of the postpartum period. As this is the way your body sheds the uterine lining and tissues. Use sanitary napkins, tampons can cause injections as the perineum area takes time to heal. In case you experience any heavy bleeding immediately reach Gynaecology Hospital as they can guide you on further medication. 

New mothers have to be extremely careful and always require constant support and expert advice. Consult our medical experts for any kind of query and receive elite services and treatment. Childbirth entirely changes your routine. Feel free to seek help. Any emotional and physical changes you go through will improve with time.

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