How Safe is Lasik Surgery, and is it Worth it?

Lasik Surgery hospital

Lasik surgery is a widely-practiced eye surgery for correcting vision in cases of farsightedness, nearsightedness, and astigmatism. It is a form of eye surgery that uses a laser for the correction of the eye lens.

Who should undergo Lasik?

Laser treatment for eyes is a thing to think about carefully before trying. The decision needs careful analysis and foresight for the future until the individual undergoes it. Moreover, the reason behind undergoing surgery needs to be understood. Many patients undergo Lasik as vision disturbances can give the feeling of handicapped. It is a better world, after all, with a clear vision.

What happens in the surgery?

It is overwhelming to even think of something piercing your eyes and cutting a part of your natural eye lens. In the surgery, a small part of the cornea that is part of the refractory process of the eye is cut. It is then reshaped as per the diopters of correction needed. It usually is done by young individuals with myopia, who like to do adventurous sports and activities.

Is lasik safe?

To evaluate its safety, we need to see both the pros and cons of the procedure:

  • Pro: The biggest of all good is that it is a bloodless, accurate and highly successful procedure. The cornea does not have any blood or nerve supply, making this surgery easy for the patient.
  • Con: It is scary to imagine and see the surgery in your eyes while conscious. Valium might be given to calm you down.
  • Pro: It is done in the outpatient department and is very quick and safe. It takes only about 20-30 minutes for the total surgery time, including the preparation time.
  • Con: It has strict eligibility criteria. It is not for people older than 40 years of age.
  • Pro: It is a technologically safe surgery designed to shut the laser in case of sudden eye movements. It is to avoid any minor errors or movement-related injuries.
  • Con: The correction usually leaves a minor correction margin or may cause presbyopia due to the hardening of the lens. It makes it difficult for the lens to focus on nearby objects.
  • Pro: Quick results with corrected vision.
  • Cons: It may cause certain complications after the surgery due to a lack of post-operative care. It may cause dry eyes after the surgery for a few days to months. The new advancements have reduced the chances of developing dry eyes due to the surgery.
  • Pro: No need to mention the obvious: you need not wear glasses after the surgery and live life to the fullest.
  • Con: The cornea is very delicate after the flap removal. Only a minor scratching of the eyes might cause scratches and injury to the cornea.
  • Pro: You would not need this surgery more than once in your life.


It is safe to undergo Lasik and does not cause blindness. Your physician might recommend you to stop wearing contact lenses two weeks before the surgery. Overall, Lasik is a safe surgery and worth getting done. One should always weigh the pros and cons personally and discuss them with their ophthalmologist before the surgery. Lasik eye surgery is performed at the best eye hospital in Coimbatore for Lasik by the Ophthalmologists.

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