What are the Main Causes of Childhood Obesity?

Childhood Obesity

What are the Main Causes of Childhood Obesity?

Children and adolescents with obesity suffer from this medical condition. This is observed as extra weight gained during childhood related to serious health complications such as hypertension and diabetes later in life besides other harmful consequences. The American CDC states that approximately 19.3% of children are presently obese. 

Childhood obesity can also affect the child mentally in the form of depression and low self-esteem. It is therefore essential to encourage your child to eat healthily and play outdoor games. This would not only improve their cognitive function but would also ensure their fitness on a long-term basis.

What are the symptoms of childhood obesity?

Children of different body frames weigh differently. In addition to this, the amount of body fat in a child is also different at different developmental stages of their life. Therefore, it is always best to ascertain their condition using a common gold standard, the body mass index (BMI). You can refer to the top and best pediatric endocrinology hospital in Coimbatore or even get information from the doctors regarding the behaviours, schools, society for the children without compromising quality growth and academics. 

These hospitals would have the best endocrinologist in Coimbatore who are qualified to treat your child. You should refer only to the best medical treatment for obesity for your child after a thorough consultation with your doctor. 

What are the causes of childhood obesity?

The main contributors of childhood obesity are primarily lifestyle issues wherein the child is involved in the minimum activity and takes in many calories, resulting in the storage of these calories as fat. Many childhood obesity factors and risks that contribute to obesity and which usually work in combination are:

  • Lack of physical exercise. In this growing age of technology, children are found playing and exercising outdoors less and spending more time indoors with tech gadgets. These children do not spend as much time playing and end up gaining more fat. 
  • Diet. Fast foods, baked foods, sugary beverages, and store-bought snacks are high in calories, low in nutrition, and weight in children. Excessive intake of sugary drinks and candy also results in childhood obesity.
  • Family. In certain instances. Childhood obesity could also be the result of heredity, wherein if the parents are overweight and obese, the children too have a high probability of gaining weight. This is especially plausible in environments where the family consumes high-calorie diets in general.
  • Medications. Some drugs prescribed by your doctor to treat certain illnesses can also result in childhood obesity. 
  • Socioeconomic factors. Certain childhood obesity factors such as living in a low-income community and surroundings are absent from a good market that provides fresh fruits and vegetables. Such communities are thereby forced to eat a large number of carbohydrates and packed foods compared to a healthy, low-calorie diet.

What are the complications that arise from childhood obesity?

Childhood obesity can result in several health complications, such as 

  1. High cholesterol
  2. High blood pressure
  3. Diabetes
  4. Breathing problems such as asthma
  5. Pain in joints
  6. Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease.
  7. Complications related to social and emotional issues, such as bullying and taunting.

How to prevent childhood obesity?

As a parent, you can prevent weight gain in your child by:

  1. Setting a good example by eating healthy and exercising enough.
  2. Consume healthy low calories snacks.
  3. Offer new foods.
  4. Sleep enough.
  5. Motivating them to be active. 
  6. Discourage food-based rewards.

Concluding Remarks

Childhood obesity is observing a rising trend. It is, therefore, necessary as parents to ensure that the children do not gain the extra pounds. The best endocrinologist recommends eating healthy and involving your children in outdoor activities and other forms of exercise. There are many pediatric endocrinology hospitals in Coimbatore, so consult what you think is the best for your child. 

Many a time, it may not be easy to provide everything, but an attempt to maintain a healthy environment for your child by preventing weight gain would go a long way in ensuring a healthy future for them.

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