Hydrotherapy Treatment – How Does It Help People In Pain?

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In recent times we might have heard people going to water spas to reduce stress. But now we can exercise in water while recovering from any chronic pain or injury. But making use of water to help relieve pain ages back to the time when people placed wet cloth over their foreheads. But recently it has gained a lot of popularity especially in hospitals. 

What is meant by hydrotherapy treatment?

“Hydro” means water and “therapy” means treatment. So when put together hydrotherapy treatment means water treatment or aquatic treatment. Hydrotherapy treatment involves the use of water to perform exercises to relieve pain and help in a quicker recovery. Hydrotherapy treatment is different from swimming and other water sports. 

A heated pool is often used for hydrotherapy treatment, the recommended temperature range for the pool is between 33 and 36 degrees. Since the water is warm, it helps the muscles relax. Immersion also adds resistance and stability to the body while boosting blood flow to the muscles. Cold water baths are also used in several hydrotherapeutic procedures to promote blood flow to the muscles beneath the skin. 

Patients seeking hydrotherapy treatment need not to know swimming as you will be supported throughout your exercise.

Hydrotherapy treatment involves performing exercises like an aquatic treadmill in a pool under the guidance of an expert physiotherapist. Generally the water in the facility may be warmer or colder depending on the requirement of the patient. For people who cannot perform high intensity exercises, hydrotherapy treatment is the right choice as it is a low intensity workout. 

What are the four properties of water that support hydrotherapy treatment?

There are various properties of water but majorly four properties help in bringing the maximum potential of the hydrotherapy treatment,


This is designed to be an “upward force that opposes gravity”. This is what enables us to float when we are in water and what causes us to feel lighter than when we are on land. 

Hydrodynamic drag forces:

A force that “acts in an opposite direction to the line of the movement” is what is meant by this definition. Consequently, you encounter some resistance walking in water. 

Hydrostatic pressure:

Simply described, this is pressure that the water exerts on the terms within it.

Thermal conduction:

Temperature can be transferred through water 25 times more quickly than through air. In addition to the water’s heat seeping into us while we are submerged in it, our bodies can also conduct heat. 

What is the purpose of hydrotherapy treatment?

In terms of hydrotherapy in physiotherapy, the goal of hydrotherapy treatment is rather direct to provide people with a weight loss, supportive environment so they can exercise in ways they might not be able to do otherwise. 

The goal of hydrotherapy treatment will depend on the condition that the physiotherapist is trying to address. Hydrotherapy treatment often aims to increase mobility, promote mobility in immobile or stiff body parts, lessen discomfort, and strengthen the muscles. 

What is hydrotherapy treatment used for?

The main purpose of hydrotherapy treatment is to treat ailments including pain and stiffness. As a part of your comprehensive treatment or symptom management strategy, a physiotherapist might advise a type of hydrotherapy treatment. People who have these symptoms may find relief through hydrotherapy in Coimbatore recommended by expert physiotherapists, 

  • Knee pain 
  • Swelling 
  • Menstrual pain 
  • Bruising 
  • Muscle pain
  • Stiffness in muscles

How does hydrotherapy treatment work?

The hydrotherapy treatment has various factors that determines how the aquatic therapy works:

Water temperature:

The joints and muscles will relax as a res;ut of the warm water. They may move more easily and engage in activity when they are relaxed.


Because of the resistance, moving through water is more difficult than air. You gain strength in your muscles as a result. 


The water supports your body since you tend to naturally float in. The muscles and joints won’t be under as much stress. 

What are the various benefits of hydrotherapy treatment?

When compared to other physiotherapy treatments hydrotherapy treatment is an ideal choice to treatment and proves to have a lot of benefits, 

  • Pain management:

The warmth and buoyancy of the water softens and relaxes muscles while reducing impact on joints. Immersion in water also provides support, allowing people to experience relief from back or neck problems and to carry out activities that might be impractical on the land. 

  • Postoperative rehabilitation:

Hydrotherapy treatment may speed up the healing process following surgery (such as joint replacement) and help with the recovery of mobility and range of motion. But it needs to wait till the wound has completely healed. 

  • Preoperative preparation:

Hydrotherapy exercises can help patients undergoing joint replacement surgery to strengthen the muscles around the joint before surgery so that the joint is not overworked or put through discomfort. 

  • Circulation: 

Water’s hydrostatic pressure encourages circulation. With better circulation, damaged or injured muscles receive more oxygen and essential nutrients, which reduces inflammation and speeds up recovery. 

  • Increases elasticity and muscle strength:

Muscles can relax and stretch more readily in warm water. Water increases resistance to motion, which gets stronger the faster or bigger the motion gets. This resistance might contribute to muscle growth. 

  • Mental and physical mental:

People who may have mobility or fitness limitations due to their health may be prone to mental health problems.

  • Minimizing effects of injury or trauma:

Exercise may be challenging, if not possible, following an injury or trauma because joints or muscles may not be able to support weight. People can work around these injuries while receiving hydrotherapy treatment, which both encourages quick healing and helps them stay physically strong as they recover. 

  • Pain free exercise:

Exercise on land may be painful for persons who have arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis or other illnesses that affect their joints and range of motion. People can workout with less or no pain thanks to the buoyancy of water, which reduces stress on joints. 

Important Takeaway:

Water’s therapeutic properties are used in hydrotherapy treatment. The mind and body can both benefit from exercise. Hydrotherapy treatment can be a fantastic option, regardless of whether you have a specific medical issue or you just want to unwind. Remember that hydrotherapy treatment involves a provider consultation, just like any other therapy. They can help you include it in your treatment plan and ensure that it is a safe option for you. Reach out to the best physiotherapist in Coimbatore if you are looking for hydrotherapy treatment.

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