fatty liver disease-Sriramakrishnahospital

How Can Diet Play a Role in Treating Fatty Liver? Find Out Now

Fatty liver disease, also known as nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), is a growing health concern affecting millions worldwide. It occurs when excess fat accumulates in the liver, potentially leading to Click Here
Terry's Nails Syndrome - Sri Ramakrishna Hospital

How finger nails indicate Terry nails syndrome?

Are your fingernails a different hue than they used to be? Any number of illnesses or injuries can cause discoloration of the fingernails. Nails affected by Terry’s disease, a common form of nail discolouration, Click Here
major signs of hepatitis B

How hepatitis B is treated and what causes its symptoms

Hepatitis B causes a severe liver infection known as hepatitis B. (HBV). Some individuals develop chronic hepatitis B infection, which lasts longer than six months. Chronic hepatitis B raises the chance of developing Click Here
Hepatitis cause by a viral infection-Sri Ramakrishna Hospital

What is hepatitis and how it is classified?

Hepatitis is related to an inflammation of the liver commonly caused by a viral infection. Apart from viral infection, there are various reasons like autoimmune hepatitis and also due to a few medications. Human beings Click Here
Hepatitis - Sri Ramakrishna Hospital

How can one prevent Hepatitis?

How can one prevent Hepatitis? Hepatitis, as the name suggests, is caused by liver inflammation which is a vigorous response of the liver tissues to an injury or irritation. This results in pain and swelling. Amongst Click Here
Liver Disease

What are the Early Signs and Treatment of Liver Disease?

What are the Early Signs and Treatment of Liver Disease? The liver is one of those organs that one feels the importance of, only when it becomes hampered by illnesses and its functioning quality deteriorates. One of Click Here
Liver Lesion -Sri Ramakrishna Hospital

What Causes a Low Attenuation Liver Lesion

What Causes a Low Attenuation Liver Lesion Liver lesions are also known as liver tumours which abnormal masses of cells or tissue in the liver.  Most liver lesions are benign, meaning non-cancerous and do not cause any Click Here


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